Surrogate Stories

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Mom of a boy and girl who gave birth to two sets of twins as a gestational surrogate!
You’re truly giving the most previous gift there is and get so much in return, it will change your life…
I decided to start my second surrogacy journey in January 2010 once the twins I had turned 1 year old.
In 2013 I gave birth to my first surro babe, the whole experience went so well. It was truly amazing!
I hope others read my story and are encouraged to give such a short time in their own lives to…
Surrogacy is truly amazing! As the nurse put their not so little baby in their arms, I felt accomplished.
When I met my couple I knew instantly that we were a perfect match!
I was young and very scared but also very excited to start this amazing journey.
I believe everything throughout my journey was special and has left a lasting impression!
Be vulnerable, be selfless, because there will be that “moment” that will change you.
I often look back on my experience fondly and feel a great sense of gratification that I had the opportunity…
I was done having my own children but loved being pregnant and so the journey began!
I have been very fortunate in knowing SO many surrogates who have had WONDERFUL journeys through surrogacy.
It was everything I had hoped for when starting this journey.
Seeing your IPs become parents will forever change you!
I had always dreamed of being a surrogate
My journey of becoming a surrogate … the good and the bad!
I am forever grateful and so proud of what I did. I have absolutely no regrets.
I look back on this incredible journey only with immense love in my heart for this precious family I have helped create.