Surrogacy in Canada Online Articles

The articles listed on this page are for those interested and/or researching surrogacy. If you have an article you would like to submit or feel there is a topic that should be included, feel free to contact us! (More articles to be added soon…)

Issues to consider before pursuing a surrogacy arrangement.
Items to consider before becoming a surrogate.
Intended Parents Checklist
An important list for surrogates to guide you through your surrogacy experience.
With every surrogacy arrangement, good communication is crucial. Both intended parents and the surrogate should agree on the following before proceeding together…
A detailed list of side effects, complications and risks to surrogates.
Just how long has surrogacy been around? Longer than you would think. Read the full history of surrogacy.
Learn more about the medications involved in a gestational surrogacy cycle.
Commonly used surrogacy/fertility abbreviations and reproductive terms found on online message groups.
We encourage surrogates to create a birth plan, as the birth plan is an ideal way to communicate your preferences.
Conditions that warrant the use of surrogacy.
A must read for couples considering traditional surrogacy.
These questions will help you to know what to ask before choosing a potential surrogate.
These questions will help you to know what to ask before choosing potential intended parents.
Written by an anonymous SCO Surrogate
This is a sample agreement for a Canadian gestational surrogacy arrangement (for informational purposes only).
An important hospital checklist for Surrogates.
An important hospital checklist for Intended Parents.
This list includes everything you may need to prepare for bringing your baby home!