Sasha’s Story

I have always loved being pregnant, I have two amazing daughters 10 and 5 years old. I was done having kids for myself but had such easy pregnancies that I wanted to help someone have a baby of their own to feel that joy.

I joined an agency that was up and coming… thought was a good choice to help me find intended parents to have a baby for. Well I learned the hard way that not all agencies are the same, some are out there to charge ridiculous amounts of money to people looking to have a baby. I found this wonderful heterosexual couple looking to have a child together, I went through screening and the psychological evaluation and passed all with flying colours. I had to do meds for a month to get ready to be able to carry their embryo. The two week wait to find out of transfer took felt like a life time for both myself and the intended parents.

Well two weeks finally came and the first blood work came in and it was positive and when I told the parents they were so existed. At the second blood work the numbers had tripled which was very good. The intended mom was set to come for a ultrasound at 10 weeks. But three days before she was to come to Grande Prairie I started to have these bad pains out of nowhere. I almost felt like I had to have a big poop… well I went to the bathroom and I started to bleed and having these horrible pains that I have never felt before. I went up to hospital right away and saw the doctor they tried to see if the baby was still there and the bleeding was something else they said I need to come back the next day to see if my hormones had dropped. Well I had to call the intended parents and let them know what was going on. The next day I went and got my blood work at the hospital and the results came back they had dropped and I had a miscarriage. They said the embryo had attached to the top of my cervix and when it started to grow causing me to miscarry and the doctor said there is nothing I could have done to prevent it. After a couple weeks myself and the intended parents had a talk if we would try again they said it was too hard with the loss and didn’t want to continue.

I waited 5 months before finding a new agency that I felt was more there for the intended parents and not trying to scam them out of thousands of dollars. I sent in my profile to Sally to see if I was qualified to join her program to help another intended parent. Well my profile went up on the site for them to look. I had started chatting with 4 couples and it was so hard to choose who I would want to help this time around, if I could have would have done it for them all.

I ended up matching with these two incredible guys, that were wanting to start a family. I had felt a connection with them instantly. We talked for a couple months then flights were booked to go for screening and get to meet these two incredible guys I was going have a baby for. Screening went great and meeting them was amazing and I couldn’t wait to help them with their dream of becoming dads and starting their family.

Day of transfer finally came and we transferred one embryo hoping it would take. I stated taking pregnancy tests about 5 days after transfer the first one nothing was there waited could more days and took one and there was a big fat positive! I sent the dads a pic and they were over the moon. We talked every day and I made sure to send pics and ultrasound pics of the first one we had and the ones that they couldn’t make it to.

9 months later the dads were here with me and my mom in the hospital. After being induced their baby boy was born… seeing their faces when he was born is something I’ll never forget I made a family complete.

People always ask me how could you carry a baby and not get attached, I said easy the baby was not a DNA connection to me and knowing I could help these guys have a child was amazing. People also asked how did your girls take it especially my youngest, my girls met the guys and were there through the whole process. I also made sure they understood that it was no connection to me or them, my youngest use to tell people she’s pregnant but it not hers.

Me and the guys a have an amazing relationship after the birth of their son.