Keely’s Story

In 2013 I gave birth to my first surro babe, the whole experience went so well. It was truly amazing! Couldn’t have asked for better IP’s that I met through Surrogacy in Canada Online. And we still are close now; it’s awesome to see their son growing up!

After my first journey I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to do it again. I would check out the profiles on SCO every now and again but for a long time I don’t think I was ready to commit to the time and energy it takes to go through a surrogacy pregnancy again. It involves many appointments to begin with and starting hormones and the transfer and then all the appointments and ultrasounds afterwards. All leading to the big event, the birth! It’s definitely worth it to go through all that but it’s not easy.

But in the late fall of 2014 a couple’s profile was placed on SCO’s website. When I saw the kind, smiling faces of N. and R. I was very drawn to them. I read their story and just knew they were a couple I would like to connect with and possible help bring their baby into the world. I liked the fact they were using the same fertility clinic as my previous IPs and that they also lived close to me. My first IPs were able to come with me to the majority of the appointments and were they’re for the birth and I wanted that type of experience again.

As soon as I read their profile I let Sally know I wanted to meet them! She had me fill out a new application and then the info was sent off to them. They contacted me very soon after and because we live close we agreed to meet one evening. I think we were all nervous but excited as well. Pretty much right after meeting Nathan and Rebeca I knew that we were meant to meet and embark on a journey together like no other. I think they felt it too because at the end of the meeting we agreed to move forward together. I was so excited to be their surrogate!

It’s always a hurry up and wait process doing a surrogacy journey, you are so excited to get started that it feels like it takes forever. But I think it actually went fairly quickly. Screening was done in January of 2015, sonohysterogram was done in February and transfer was set for March! Time can go by slowly though when you are anxiously awaiting something so big. Transfer finally arrived on March 26th and N. and R. were by my side as one embryo was transferred into my awaiting uterus. We did everything we could to insure it would stick, acupuncture, meds and McDonald’s fries! Four painfully long days later I tested at home and I could see a second line! But I wanted to be sure before letting the new parents-to-be know so when I saw a nice, dark second line on day 7 I sent them the big announcement They were ecstatic! And when we went back to the clinic at 7 weeks to have an ultrasound it was of the best moments when they got to see their baby and hear a nice, strong heartbeat.

After that the months seemed to fly by and Nathan and Rebeca were with me every step of the way. For all the OB appointments and the ultrasounds, including two very special 3D ultrasounds where they got to see their baby girl hiding her face from the camera. It all went so well. The due date of December 12th was fast approaching and we were all anxiously anticipating the arrival of their baby girl. I was hoping she might like to make her appearance a week or so early but no such luck. So at five days past the due date we headed to the hospital to be induced. The hospital took amazing care of us. It took a couple of days before labour really started and during that time I had my own room and N. and R. had a room right beside me. We were able to rest when we needed to but also to spend time together. To walk the halls trying to get labour started and to sit and chat. I was given space but also a lot of support. It was just what I needed! When things really started progressing Nathan and Rebeca were by my side. We had relaxation music playing and the lights were dimmed and it was just a nice, calm atmosphere. Through the pain of pushing I had R. encouraging me to go on and the moment their baby girl arrived was so magical. I was very happy she was finally out and the pain was over and they were so overjoyed to see their baby girl there were tears of happiness. It is truly the best feeling ever and I am so glad I got to experience it.

I’ve got to cuddle with the baby many times and R. and I chat often and I get updates on how they are all doing. There is no sense of sadness for me in doing this; just happiness in knowing that I could help others become what I think is the greatest thing ever, being a parent!