Hailey’s Story

When I was just 22, I was told I would never have children. If, by some miracle, I were to become pregnant, there was an extreme chance of me losing the baby and risking my own life.

I was devastated. I started looking at options to prepare myself for the future.

In came surrogacy. I thought it was the most amazing idea- and was constantly researching it, when I found out I was pregnant.

I went on to have a very unremarkable pregnancy- nothing at all like doctors had told me it would be. Then finally the arrival of my son. I was on cloud nine.

Fast forward a few years and surrogacy was still on my mind. I got lucky- but what about those parents that don’t?! I knew I had to try to do something, anything!

I reached out to Sally and next thing I knew, I was talking to the most amazing man.

His story blew me away. We are both young single professionals and had an instant connection. We matched almost immediately.

The next year flew by with doctors appointments, our first round of IVF being successful and we were approaching our due date!

My IF was expecting a baby girl and couldn’t be happier.

When the time came, we made our way to the hospital and waited. Watching all the emotions my IF went through that day will forever be with me, but nothing so strong as the moment he was handed his baby and fully became a father.

That moment made all the needles, medications, travel and minor stresses all worth it.

IF and his daughter are the happiest little family and every time I see them, I get this immense sense of pride- in both myself, and them. Seeing someone become a parent, and knowing you had a hand in it is the absolute best feeling!

I remember being in the delivery room, with a nurse and IF tending to baby, the doctor working on me, and just looking at my own mom with a swell of emotion.

“I helped make a family!” was the first thing I said after her delivery and it was the most emotional moment for me in my entire journey!

My IF and I are still very close. I get updated photos of the baby( not so much a baby anymore!) and we’ve had a few visits. Considering we are on opposite sides of the country, I find it impressive.

We still speak very often, even just a quick text or phone call here and there.

IF and his daughter are definitely now and always will be a part of my family!

It is not easy. Even the easy journeys- like mine was- are difficult.

You will have ups and downs, highs and lows. But I promise you- it is all worth it.

Even if your journey is unsuccessful- which does happen- you are the most incredible kind of person to find room in your heart(and body) for another person.

If your journey IS successful- seeing your IPs become parents will forever change you!