SCO Team

We look forward to assisting you with your surrogacy journey. Learn more about our team below.


I feel every intended parent has the right to alternative reproductive options so that they can experience the joys of raising a child.

Egg Donor/Surrogate Support Group Moderator

I have always had a very strong passion for helping others and when Sally asked me in to join the SCO team as her Egg Donor/Surrogate Support Worker, I enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity.

Surrogate Support Group Moderator

As a surrogate I learned a lot about the surrogacy world and I’m more than happy to stay connected to it by being a part of Sally’s team.

Surrogate Support Group Moderator/Doula

I know that surrogates often need an understanding support person to help navigate through more complicated procedures and protocols, and the emotions that come along with them.

Fertility Lawyer

One of the few lawyers in Canada who has extensive experience in both family law and fertility law, and as a result, has a unique understanding of how these two worlds intersect.

Fertility Lawyer

Sara regularly acts for intended parents, surrogates, donors, cryobanks, hospitals, distributors and fertility clinics on a wide range of fertility law issues.

Reproductive Counsellor, MSW, RSW

Reproductive Counsellor and the founder of Informed Fertility, a counselling and information service that offers in-person as well as video support in the area of family building.

Clinical Social Worker, MSW, RSW

Amira’s journey has taught her about the power of the mind body connection and using our body’s intelligence to stimulate and nurture fertility.

Surrogate Support Worker

Leah provides service as an advice-giver, a person to be by your side during a Toronto transfer if you have no one, a Toronto host (if you don’t want to be alone before or after a transfer) and just someone to be here for you in Toronto if you need, or want it.


The birth of my own children has given me a different perspective on parenthood and more empathy towards couples faced with infertility.