Koren’s Story

I decided to start my second surrogacy journey in January 2010 once the twins I had turned 1 year old.I spoke with my surrogacy agency CSO and started to look at some profiles of intended couples. I found the perfect couple and met them for dinner on 02/14/2010. They were a young couple in their early 30’s from Ontario. They had endured years of trying and multiple failed pregnancies. I spent the next 5 months getting to know them. For me surrogacy is a very in depth relationship, communication and being good friends is important to me. For me finding the right couple is very important. You can spend 12 months or longer together. You experience some very special and intimate moments together so meeting a couple you can communicate with is key. Someone you are comfortable talking to about big and small things. There are many decisions to make along the way. I like to keep the process for myself and the IPS as easy and stress free as possible, that way it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our first transfer was 07/30/2010. (My daughters 5th birthday) We decided to use fresh embryo’s although they did have one embryo frozen from a previous ivf cycle. Presuuming the fresh transfer would have better odds. We transferred a 3 day embryo. After the thaw the embryo they had only grew to 4 cells. We decided to transfer anyways knowing the odds of a successful pregnancy would not be likely. We were already out of town and all ready for the transfer. So we proceeded.

08/11/2010- All bloodwork has come back negative. Planning another transfer for September. We have hit a bump in the road as I found out that I have an umbilical hernia and I will require surgery. Surgery is scheduled for 09/01/2010. All went well with my surgwry and we have been given the okay to continue with our surrogacy.

09/13/2010- Lining check was great so I started my meds.
09/25/2010- Everything looks good , ready for transfer.
10/01/2010- Transfer Day!The couple decided to use their very last frozen embryo as the egg retrievals are very hard on the mother. This embryo has been frozen for 1 year. It was an 8 celled embryo. After thaw it went from 2-4 cells and then right before we went in for transfer, it had grown to 6 cells. Great news!Transfer took about 10 minutes. The fertility Dr then told me to go home, rest and get pregnant.

10/10/2010- Positive Test! The mother had me do multiple tests to make sure.

10/13/2010- Bloodwork results- Beta hcg- 32

10/15/2010- Beta hcg- 75

10/18/2010- Beta hcg- 204

Progesterone levels dropped from 60 to 30 so I am now taking injections.

10/20/2010- Beta hcg- 536

10/26/2010- Beta hcg- 8306

11/01/2010- Called to book midwife

01/16/2011- Found out its a boy!

05/11/2011- Glucose levels have come back high. Will be given an OB and a dietician. Have to start insulin and be monitored often.

05/25/2011- Met the OB who will be delivering Grayson (36 weeks). I’m not to fond of having an OB as I would just prefer my midwife but I am force to see her. I like having a midwife as they get to know you on a deeper level and it’s just an all around better experience.

05/30/2011- Been having some minor but noticeable contractions. No pattern or regularity.

06/01/2011-The day that has forever changed many lives.

In the morning I started having some more painful contractions. I tried to have a shower however the pains were not going away. I decided it would be a good idea to give my midwife a call. She suggested because my last few births were rather quick that it would be a good idea that she see me at the hospital. She figured if i was checked at home and my water broke then getying to the hospital would be difficult. I called the IP’s right away and my mother to come drive me to the hospital. We arrived around 1pm, I was checked by the triage nurse who then told me I was already 7-8cm dilated. I was shocked to say the least, I wasn’t in that much pain at this point. My mind automatically went into panic mode as I knew it would take the parents 2.5 hours to get to the hospital. I was worried they would miss the birth.The triage nurse told me it wouldn’t be long and they hurried to get my room ready. My membranes were bulging and we assumed my water would break any minute. I had my mom call the IPs again to insist they hurry. The IP’s arrived at the hospital around 3pm. They were beyond excited and shocked at how fast it was all going. My contractions had picked up by the this point. They were one on top of the next. By 3:15pm I was feeling the urge to push. I was checked and was 9.5cm dilated now. My water had still not broken, my midwife asked me to roll over and give a push and see if it would break, ( she could only deliver the baby if my water had broken) when I rolled over I felt a gush. I assumed my water broke however they were still intact, it was blood. This was a bit scary for me, however they kept an eye on it and it stopped not long after. The OB was taking a long time to gwt there and i was having a vwry hard time not pushing. Once the OB had finally arrived it was time to push. She broke my water and he immediately started to come out, she had me pant as he was coming too quickly. This was very hard to do as Grayson was taking over. With the next contraction he was born. Grayson entered the world at 3:46pm weighing 6lbs 11oz and 19 inches long.

There are simply no words to describe how I felt at that very moment. To see his parents and how happy they were.The parents were over the moon with happy tears. The sense of accomplishment and happiness I felt was overwhelming. They couldn’t thank me enough. If anyone is to question why I am a surrogate and how could I carry for someone else, they need to be there in the birthing room at that very moment when the parents see and hold their baby for the first time. There is no greater moment.

In the end when I left the hospital and they were still there, I did cry…not because I was sad to be leaving Grayson( he was their son) but because I was leaving my friends. We had become so close during this journey.

Here we are nearly 5 years down the road and we still talk and I get updates on Grayson often. He has grown into such a handsome little boy.

I’ve started another journey with SCO and I am so excited to see where it takes us. Transfer should be in a few months. Another great couple to experience a wonderful journey with.