Lisa’s Story

Back in October of 2011, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, for an amazing family who deserved a family more than anyone I’ve ever met!

As all surrogacy journeys start, I “dated” a few couples, and got to see the struggle and emotion involved with infertility. It was truly heart breaking to see so many couples struggling to become parents, however, when I met my couple I knew instantly that we were a perfect match!

My IM had struggled with breast cancer, which lead to infertility. Unfortunately because of this, she would also need an egg donor. After getting to know her and her husband, I did the unthinkable and offered to not only be their surrogate, but also donate my egg! When you mentally prepare yourself to be a surrogate, I don’t think the genetics of the child matter as much as the fact that you’re helping a couple build their family.

After monitoring my cycle, and a few attempts, we found out we were pregnant. Seeing the amazement on their faces was just incredible! However, because it was still early they tried not to get too excited. When we went for our first ultrasound, that is when I think it really set in! Both mom and dad cried, they were so happy. At 20 weeks, we found out we were expecting a girl, and from there it was just the most exciting time of my life. IM and I talked every single day. I got to hear about all the future plans, and become part of the family. We did many family outings and events together. It was so nice seeing exactly how wonderful these people would be as parents.

The big day came, and IM was right there at my side. Baby came very fast, so unfortunately IF missed it while he parked the car. But he walked in as I was passing his wife their daughter. And the years streamed down their faces, as they fell in love with their little girl. We spent the night in the hospital with rooms next door, visiting each other many times.

Over the coming weeks, I would see them every week to deliver breast milk, and catch up. I loved watching them grow as a family, and loved knowing that I was the one who made that possible.