Tiffany’s Story

It all started when I heard about a friend doing surrogacy and how amazing it was to be able to give the gift of life. We talked and I started doing research, to try and see how it worked and what I would need in order to become a surrogate. I found SCO and applied, then I spoke to Sally who was beyond words amazing at answering any questions or concerns I had while starting the process. I was young and very scared but also very excited to start this amazing journey.

In 2012 I was put up as an available surrogate, and received a couple calls and some emails of couples desperately seeking a surrogate. I talked to a few but had a good feeling about one couple and we decided to take it past emails, and phone calls and met up for lunch. It was instant, we all felt so connected and it was then I knew this was the couple for me. We matched that day and things started rolling.

Things happened pretty quickly, between meeting Dr. Del Valle and getting all my screening done to make sure everything was ready to go for a transfer. We got going right away on contracts and all the little things to get the ball rolling. Once everything was done and finalized it was time for our transfer, we were all very excited to have finally come.

My first transfer, I had my Intended Mother and Support also from Karen an SCO Support Worker, she made it so much less nerve wracking on both me and my IM. It was filled with laughter and so much love from everyone. Everything went well at transfer, and now it was time for the two week dreaded wait for our first Beta. First and Second Beta numbers were good and confirmed pregnancy. Unfortunately a couple weeks later, our first transfer failed.

We all had a hard time dealing with it, but we decided to try again for a second transfer. We started meds and went to try again. We had the dreaded two week wait again and did the blood work and found out the transfer worked and so far the numbers are good. Now we had to wait for the first ultrasound to confirm pregnancy!

Yes! Confirmation of pregnancy and things moved along amazing, I had more ultrasounds and later confirmed they were having a baby girl !!!! I had a wonderful pregnancy and loved sharing all the moments with my Intended parents. Other then the average problems like heartburn and the horrible heat from summer, things went so perfect. I had Emelia on July 21st 2013 weighing 7lbs 9oz, she was so perfect and the faces on her parents when they first got to see her and hold her was beyond word amazing for everyone around.

We still talk once in a while, and I see her grow, she will be 3 in July, and such a beautiful little girl!

Can you share one special occasion or moment during your journey that left a lasting impression?
One very special occasion, was my first ultrasound at 6 weeks, seeing there faces and the pure joy of seeing their child.

How is your relationship with your surrogate mother/egg donor, intended parent(s) or recipient couple?
My relationship with my Intended Parents, is still close. We talk and update all the time and they still care about my family greatly and ask how we are all the time. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What advice can you offer to others considering surrogacy and/or egg donation or embarking on their first journey?
Really get to know the couple, make sure you really feel a connection. It really matters as the journey could be long and you want to all get along and enjoy it.