Melissa’s Story

Well where do I begin……lol! I am Melissa, I have three amazing children. I first looked into being a surrogate back in 2009. It was always something I have wanted to do….I guess you could say it was on my bucket list! I wanted someone else to be able to share in the amazing gift of being a parent truly is.

My husband and I started looking at profiles of intended parents and chose the most amazing couple from Victoria, BC. They already had a little girl but wanted to expand their family. We absolutely loved them and we all grew to be more than just friends, we became family.

In January of 2010 after all screening and legal was complete we transferred 2 beautiful fresh 3 day old embryos. The dreaded 2 week wait started. We had a successful transfer and 9 months later I delivered a gorgeous 8lb 5oz baby girl! A very healthy pregnancy with no issues!

I waited a couple of years before we discussed the possibility of me being a surrogate again. I then contacted SCO and spoke to Sally about becoming a surrogate again. I absolutely loved her, she was so supportive and helpful and all around a sweetheart.

I spoke to a few different intended parents and finally made my choice. I connected so well with G&C who were from Toronto. We talked all the time and got to know each other well! We completed all screening requirements and legal contracts and then made our plans for a transfer.

In summer of 2013 we transferred 2 beautiful embryos that were 3 days old! Once again the dreaded two week wait continued. We tested positive and got some devastating news at 6 weeks that there was only a gestational sac, there was no fetal heart beat at all. We were all devastated and sat there and cried together. At this point they only had 4 remaining frozen embryos. We talked and decided that we were going big or going home.

I had a couple of cycles and on November 18, 2013 we transferred 3 beautiful embryos, the fourth embryo did not survive the thawing process. We were all ok with that as we still had three embryos remaining. Once again that horrible, dreaded two week wait was upon us. I did a home pregnancy test at 6DP3DT and it come back negative. So I decided I was going to POAS at 7DP3DT. I saw the most amazing bright positive I have ever seen on a home pregnancy test! Did blood work after the 2 weeks to confirm our pregnancy. After 13 years of trying my IP’s dreams were finally coming true and they were going to be parents!!

Six days before Christmas of 2013 we had our very first ultrasound and it confirmed they were in fact not having one baby but they were having 3 babies…..that’s right TRIPLETS!! We cried tears of joy! It was a lot of shock all in one day that took some time to sink in! I was off work by 19 weeks as it was very hard for me to do a lot of things.

By 28 weeks I decided it would be best for me to go into the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy to be closely monitored by my team of high risk OB’s! I spent 8 weeks in the hospital away from my husband and children. We talked every day and they came to visit me a lot. I must say I had the perfect multiples pregnancy! No complications at all!! My IP’s were there every day for me as well as my loving supporting family. If it wasn’t for all of them I don’t think I would have been sane by the end…!

Making an extremely long story short, I delivered 3 very very healthy babies at 36 weeks gestation….. I went almost full term to 40 weeks! I delivered them by c-section July 10, 2014. My husband was there, G&C were there and Sally was by my side in the OR! Baby A was “Emilia Melissa” and she weighed in at 5lbs on the dot, Baby B was “Noah James” and he weighed in at a whopping 5lbs 3ozs. Baby C was “Grace Olivia” and she weighed in at 4lbs 15ozs. The beautiful babies never had any issues and we’re discharged 2 days after birth! I was discharged a day after them with minimal issues. I did need a blood transfusion but that’s because my hemoglobin was low.

I am now a retired surrogate with so much to be thankful for, the amazing friends and family I made and will keep throughout my life, the amazing support system I had from Sally and her support staff and all my fabulous surro sisters who were there to talk to me when it was difficult for me. That brings us to today…..Emilia, Noah & Grace are the world’s most beautiful toddlers!

Can you share one special occasion or moment during your journey that left a lasting impression?
I believe everything throughout my journey was special and has left a lasting impression!

How is your relationship with your surrogate mother/egg donor, intended parent(s) or recipient couple?
Our relationship is great, we talk all the time. I still get pictures of the babies, as they will always be babies to me lol!! I can go and visit anytime I want as well!!

What advice can you offer to others considering surrogacy and/or egg donation or embarking on their first journey?
Enjoy it! It’s the most selfless thing anyone could ever do. Make sure to have a strong support system behind you! Most of all cherish any memories you make!