Britanie’s Story

For as long as I remember, all I ever wanted to “be” in this life was a mother. I was blessed with 4 beautiful children of my own and cannot imagine my life without them.

In fall 2019 I decided I wanted to help someone else with their dreams of becoming a parent. I found Sally after a quick Google search. I reached out to her and very quickly got a response. We had a wonderful phone conversation and things quickly were set in motion.

I had access to Intended Parents profiles before my profile went live, and had an idea of who I hoped would contact me. I sat and waited and sure enough, the couple who I felt connected to after only seeing a few photos and reading a bit about them and their journey, reached out to me and we set up a FaceTime call. I felt an instant connection and knew in my heart that this was the family I needed to help create.

My husband and I went for screening in January 2020 at Repromed. We had our first embryo transfer in March. Unfortunately that transfer failed. I felt defeated and frustrated, How couldn’t it have worked? I had never had any issues getting pregnant naturally.. why didn’t science and all the meds make it even easier!?

Then the world shut down with Covid. Our journey was on pause for a few months. We chatted daily, excited to get the ball rolling once again.

Our second transfer was in July 2020. We transferred 2 embryos this time hoping for at least 1 healthy baby. This transfer ended in a chemical pregnancy. Again, we all felt defeated and heartbroken. To see so many positive pregnancy tests just for the second line to fade away was gut wrenching. We agreed to try again right away.

August 2020 was our 3rd transfer. Again we transferred 2, and ended up pregnant! We were so happy and cautiously excited. At our heartbeat confirmation ultrasound we saw 1 beautiful little soul who decided they wanted to hang out for the long haul.

On March 24 2021, I birthed a beautiful son for my intended parents. There are no words to describe the feeling of giving this gift to someone, it’s truly an amazing feeling.

Throughout my pregnancy with H, we had spoken many times about a possible sibling. After he was born I knew YES a sibling needed to happen. I went for screening in December 2021 and we had a successful first try transfer in April 2022! We were sooo happy and shocked that it worked the first time since we had a bit of a trying time during our first journey.

This time, my pregnancy was eventful right from the beginning. With a subchorionic hematoma threatening the viability and the fact that babe was low in my uterus, then at 22 weeks being told I had complete placenta previa with possible accreta. I was hospitalized 2 hours away from my home multiple times, countless ultrasounds, MRIs, iron infusions and blood tests.

Then at 32 weeks, baby E and my body worked together to say it was time. October 1st 2022, a daughter for my Intended parents, a new baby sister for H, and a life saver for myself, was born. I lost my uterus in the process, suffered a bladder and epidural injury. But this is not surrogacy – this is pregnancy. It can be a risk whether you are carrying your own baby or a baby for someone else. None of the complications I encountered were “because of surrogacy”. I have no regrets.

I am proud of myself for everything I have faced and I look back on this incredible journey only with immense love in my heart for this precious family I have helped create, and with a whole new outlook on myself as a person. I did it