Dawn’s Story

I would like to take a short time filling you all in on the amazing journey I went through being a surrogate. This experience truly is a life altering unforgettable one. I was able to not only bring a new life into this world but I was able to help complete a family. I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity and would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of selflessly devoting themselves to this path.

My journey began with a simple conversation with a friend of a friend who was, at that time, a pregnant surrogate. I was woefully unfamiliar with what it meant to be a surrogate as I had never been exposed to this experience previously. The word surrogate however, was a word that I had heard before, I just could not place where or when I had come across it. Through this conversation my interest was piqued. I was astonished that someone would devote their body, time and energy to this process. I was enthralled and I began seeking out all information I could find on the topic.

I am a person who when I get something in my head it is hard to get out until I know everything about it. I began reading everything I could on the topic and by the time I was done I was already aware that I wanted to do this for someone myself. I broached the topic with my husband and he could easily see how excited I was about this. It was then that we decided to move forward and devote ourselves to this endeavor.

I had a very successful experience with Surrogacy in Canada Online. I was one of the fastest surrogates to match up with a couple. I was very lucky that I quickly found a couple that were from the same rough area as I grew up and had many things in common with myself and my family. I started to talk to them and very quickly knew that I wanted to help them in their journey to have a child. As I stated, my experience with Surrogacy in Canada Online was brief but I always knew they were an excellent source of information that I had at my disposal. Whenever I had a question or an issue arose they were quick to respond and insure that everything was done correctly.

My experience with the process of readying for, becoming pregnant, and carrying a surrogate baby started off a bit rough as I am not one for drugs or medication but I viewed this as a small inconvenience to go through in order to help this couple complete their family. After the drug therapy though, it was smooth sailing. The only surprise that I encountered was the interest that was created every time that I told someone what I was doing. I was surprised to find out that, like myself, there was a large population of people who were not aware either what a surrogate what or that they existed outside of movies and TV. I enjoyed providing all the information I had with others and often hoped that I would inspire others to make the same journey I was making.

The pregnancy went as good as one could. I had no complications and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I now have a connection with him and his family for life. I often look back on my experience fondly and feel a great sense of gratification that I had the opportunity to take part in this amazing journey.