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Steve and Candice

Steve & Candice

"Our story may not be a fairytale, but it does involve love, romance, and a unicorn!"

We had hoped to have a big family. Unfortunately, due to my infertility issues, along with my difficult and dangerous pregnancy, that has become much more complicated. I am unable to go through the process of IVF and pregnancy again. Mentally and physically it would be too dangerous and not recommended.

When we started trying to conceive I knew Steve would make an amazing father to a lucky baby. Throughout all our ups and downs, Steve has been my rock! He has been an incredible stepdad to Nathan, partner to myself, and father to Gus. Our relationship only became stronger throughout this entire journey.

We have a very happy household full of love, laughter, and fun. We are blessed to be in a situation where we are both able to be stay at home parents.

We would absolutely love to have more children and give Gus a sibling(s) close in age.

Thank you for considering us as your intended parents. If you are reading this, despite whether you pick us or not, you are clearly an amazing person and we hope you find a wonderful family to help build a family!

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