I am so ready to be a mother! I want this far more than anything!
Canadian Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Toronto, Ontario
Embryo Status:
4 frozen embryos




Teacher and Food Service Worker




-I was born, raised and live in Etobicoke, which is in Toronto, Ontario.

-I graduated from McMaster University on the Dean’s List with a major in Honours Art History and a minor in English.

-Unfortunately, when I was 21 my mother was killed by a drunk driver when we were pedestrians. I have known tragedy and now I want to fulfill my greatest wish: to become a mother.

-At first, my fertility doctor said not to do this because my chances at making embryos was so small, but I went ahead anyway, because I needed to know that at least I tried. I now have  4 embryos, unheard of for a woman my age! Now that same doctor says that he thinks I have a good chance!

-I really need a surrogate as soon as possible, because I am older and there is an age limit for when I can use my embryos.

-Please consider me because unlike others, I don’t have the luxury of time. I don’t want to end up a sad, bitter old woman because I’m childless. I know my mother wants this for me.

I am a kind, honest, generous person with a big heart. I am a hard worker and a loyal, trustworthy, responsible person. I’ve retained these qualities while also being independent and determined. I hold myself to high morals. I believe all of these qualities will make me an excellent mother.

Along with many other jobs that have built my character, I have been an employee with the City of Toronto in a Homes for the Aged and Long-Term Facility Care since I was 17, as a Food Service Worker. I am excellent with the residents, who are mostly elderly with Alzheimer’s disease. I went back to university to finish my degree as a mature student and am now a high school Art and English teacher. I love babies and children of all ages. Being older, I have more confidence, patience and capability than I did when I was younger.

I can’t imagine myself without a child.

I come from a big Italian family. My parents taught me the value of family and hard work. My mother was very loving and made me feel like I was the best girl in the world, and I this made me feel special in her eyes. She did this without spoiling me. It is this feeling that I want my child to feel. My grandmother lived with us and we took care of her as she aged. I am very grateful that she lived with us because it gave me a close relationship with her. I was named after her! My sister and her husband have taken early retirement and will help me with the baby if needed. I helped my sister raise her 2 boys, so I have experience with children!

When I was 35 I met a man that I was sure I would marry and have a child with. It didn’t work out, and we broke up when I was almost 38. At that point, I thought to myself that if I want a child, I had better have one soon. Then, I realized that I felt okay and at peace to never have a child. I thought I would feel this way for life. When I was 43 I had a partial hysterectomy, and I still felt okay to never have a child. Then, when I was 44, I started to long for a child. I despaired, crying every day. I then realized that I still had my ovaries, so I thought to try to make embryos with donor sperm and have a gestational carrier have the baby for me. So now, I have 4 frozen embryos. This is when I was 45. I didn’t yet have the money to have a carrier, so in the meantime I went back to school to become a teacher. Now, I am able to bring my embryos to fruition!

I live in Etobicoke in a safe, excellent area. My neighbors are all caring, wonderful people. We look out for each other. There are many children in my neighborhood, and they are all amazingly polite and well-behaved. There are many parks nearby full of wildlife as well as many schools nearby, all with an excellent reputation. I was born and raised in this area, so I know it well!

I am an animal lover and I have a cat that I adore, Houdini! I love to cook; my mother taught me how to make good Italian food! I love music and dancing. I even took lessons in Latin dancing! I have toured Italy and I love the Caribbean. I love the beach and the sun! I work out regularly, focusing on weights to keep me strong.

Since I am such an honest and responsible person, I will promptly and happily reimburse my surrogate with anything related with my baby, pre, during and post-pregnancy.

I will be so grateful to my surrogate for doing such a beautiful thing that I will regard her as a saint, my personal angel. In turn, I hope she will look at me as a loving friend. I will love her for life!

Thank you for reading about me and considering being my surrogate! Whether you choose me or not, may God bless you for your kindness!


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