Nicolas & Michele

Nicolas & Michele

French/Italian couple very excited to meet you and start this wonderful human adventure!
Belgian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Brussels, Belgium
Embryo Status:
7 frozen PGT-A tested embryos of very high quality




Finance Manager (Nicolas) / Hotel Front Office Manager (Michele)




Hello! We’re Nicolas and Michele, a French and Italian couple, and our story began almost 10 years ago in Brussels, Belgium. Both of us had just moved there for work. We actually met at a birthday party where Michele was invited last minute by a colleague and almost didn’t make it as he had nearly missed his train. We would probably never have met otherwise, but it might have been destiny and our lives changed for both of us on that evening of July. We both had this feeling on that night that one plus one can be more than two and if this equation cannot be solved, this could be related to the unique feeling we have for one another since the start.

I’m Nicolas, 34, originally from Paris, France where I grew up and I studied Financial Management at university. Michele, 30, grew up in Sardinia, Italy. We both have one sister and love going back home to spend time with our families. Now, we’ve made Brussels our home, with our friends, a cozy place, and our lovely dog, Madie.

We got engaged last year as a new step in our relationship. We have had the project of creating our own family for several years and now we both feel ready to take this step and are very much looking forward to dedicating our time, care and love to a newcomer.

Our families are a big part of our lives and they fully support our exciting journey. We feel very lucky and grateful for the positivity and emotional involvement from their side.

Michele’s family lives in Sardinia, Italy, except for his sister who actually lives close by near the beautiful city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Michele’s mum is already planning to temporarily move to Brussels to be able to help us during the first months with the baby (she’s so looking forward to becoming a grandma!!!). Overall, Michele’s family is very united and loves to have a great time in their house near the sea.

Nicolas’ family lives a few hours from us in Paris where he grew up. We very much like going back and visiting them for the weekend at the family house. Nicolas also has one sister who is a French teacher and really likes culture. For almost 4 years now, we also have our very cute niece in Paris who is growing very fast. We are always very happy to spend time with her and spoil her!

Creating a family has been a long-time dream and we are now both very much looking forward to creating our own and welcoming our first child!

A year ago now, we had the chance to participate in a conference in Brussels organized for homosexual couples and providing a lot of information and advice on the surrogacy process in North America. Thanks to the conference we could actually initiate this project concretely and have already found a great egg donor. We were considering mostly a known donor to give, later on, the possibility to our child to know the identity of the donor, and we are very happy to have been successful with that. We now have 7 frozen PGT-A tested embryos of very high quality at Victory Clinic.

We are aware this can be a long and heavy journey but we like to think that this path we need to follow to have a baby, more complicated than for many other parents, is what will make our dedication and affection to our child even stronger.

We particularly like the entire process in Canada, as it is in line with our expectations and values both from an ethical and human perspective.

We have been living in lovely Brussels, the capital of Europe, for more than 10 years now! Brussels is a very dynamic and international city. We have a nice apartment in a quiet yet vibrant area, not far from the city center. It’s the perfect location as we’re located on top of a hill and we get to enjoy a fantastic view of the city. We’re surrounded by delicious restaurants and big parks where we enjoy regular walks with our dog Madie. We are lucky to have a large terrace to spend time in summer and an extra bedroom ready to welcome our future little one!

I (Nicolas) spent most of my career in the finance area. I am now working in the treasury department of a Consumer Health company as Finance Manager.

Michele has mostly experience in the aviation sector but is now working as a Manager in the Hotel industry and is passionate about customer service and management. Michele also obtained a bachelor’s in Hotel Management a couple of years ago to increase his expertise in this field.

We both love enjoying life, traveling, cooking together and spending time with our friends, families and dog Madie. We are now looking forward to expanding the family and dedicating our love to our child.

Michele also likes going for long walks and he goes to the gym regularly. His big passion is aviation and he flew as a flight attendant for about 10 years. He’s also been to Canada several times during his layovers! As he doesn’t fly anymore now, he keeps cultivating his passion for aviation by using a professional flight simulator at home and by occasionally flying small aircrafts with an instructor.

Nicolas loves running and hiking and always takes the opportunity to go jogging when time allows. He is passionate about geopolitics and European politics. He also very much likes traveling and experiencing new culinary cultures.

In this journey of pregnancy with our surrogate, we intend to provide our full support while respecting her individuality and personal space. We would like to foster a genuine and human connection and be as a supportive family. We want to be present for our surrogate, offering moral, material and financial support all along the way and, at the same time, be considerate of her personal life and individual needs.

We will of course cover all costs and expenses throughout this journey. We envisage a relationship built on trust, understanding, and shared joy in this exciting human adventure.

It is very important to us to build an altruistic and meaningful relationship with the women who will give time, devotion and strength and that we will support and look after all along the way.

We value regular updates on her well-being, prioritizing her safety and ensuring she feels heard. We would love to have an open relationship during this journey and regular interactions via messages/calls. Following the pregnancy, we look forward to sharing precious moments through photos and videos, and maintaining ongoing contact to ensure her continued well-being.

Our aim is not only to build a strong connection during the surrogacy process but also to sustain this relationship well beyond if you are comfortable. We recognize the deep significance of the bond formed during this shared experience and we would love to create a lasting connection and friendship that extends beyond the journey of surrogacy itself.

We are very much looking forward to getting to know you and starting this exciting journey all together!

Nicolas & Michele

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