Michael & Winnie

Michael & Winnie

Grateful hearts seeking a surrogate angel to turn dreams into reality. Thank you for considering this incredible journey with us.
Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Toronto, Ontario
Embryo Status:
8 PGT-A tested Embryos




Software Engineer (Michael) / Pharmacist (Winnie)




Dear Future Surrogate,

Thank you for considering us to help make our dream of building a family come true.

Allow us to share a bit about our background: I’m Winnie (35F), a pharmacist, and my husband, Michael (40M), is a software engineer. We met on a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel in 2018 and have been together for 5 years, married for 4 years. We currently live in a house in Markham, Ontario, Canada. I’m a cheerful, spontaneous person who loves adventures, while Michael is a logical math nerd who prefers staying at home. And of course, we’ve compromised and embarked on a life full of adventures together.

It didn’t take long for us to tie the knot after realizing that we shared similar values and a dream of starting a family. I grew up as an only child and have always longed for a sibling and to be part of a big family. Michael has an older brother with whom he shares a close bond. Our families are dear to us, and they are our greatest supporters. We both adore traveling, cooking, and enjoying each other’s company. I am usually the one in charge of planning our trips and finding great deals, while Michael gladly goes along with my plans. We spent an amazing two years after marriage, visiting most of the Disney parks together and discovering numerous fantastic adventures. As we were ready to move to the next phase of our lives to expand our family, life took a sudden turn…

Unfortunately, as we were starting to plan our first pregnancy, our plans took a different turn when I was diagnosed with a medical condition. As our wedding vows stated, “In sickness and in health,” we supported and stuck by each other, cherishing every moment in our lives. We are 100% certain that we want to bring a new life into our loving family, and we can definitely provide a safe and nurturing environment for our baby. Two years have passed, and I am in a stable condition. However, due to the medication I am on, I am unable to carry our child. Fortunately, I was able to go through two rounds of egg retrieval at CReATe Fertility Center, blessing us with eight PGT-A tested embryos.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for considering the possibility of being a surrogate for us. We would love to establish a supportive and respectful relationship with you. We are open to regular communication (messages, phone/video calls, or meet-ups), attending appointments, and arranging transportation or wellness activities while respecting your boundaries and preferences. Financially, we have set aside savings to cover any expenses or costs related to this process, ensuring that you have the support you need. We genuinely hope that this journey will mark the beginning of a lifelong friendship, and we are very excited to meet you to embark on this journey together.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering us for this incredible opportunity.


Michael & Winnie

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