Dániel & Rezső

Dániel & Rezső

We are excited to meet you and start together a new chapter in our life!
Hungarian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Budapest, Hungary
Embryo Status:
25 Frozen Euploid & 4 Frozen Mosaic




HP and Lenovo Brand Manager (Dániel) / the right hand (executive assistant) of a Hungarian fashion company (Rezső)




Üdvözlünk (that means “welcome” in Hungarian 🙂

We are a gay couple Dániel (31) & Rezső (37) from Budapest, Hungary.

Daniel grew up in Budapest, Hungary. He was a very cheerful and smiley child, which is lasts these days, for the great joy of Rezső. His parents are ying and yang (we know sometimes opposites attract each other) which is shown in Dániel’s personality in an interesting way. Although he is good at mathematics, he has a huge imagination and because of this, he is an incredibly creative person. He speaks in Hungarian, English and understands well in German.

Rezső was born in Celldömölk, Hungary, after moved to Budapest. He has been raised by his father’s brother with his mother since he was 2 years old. So, we can say that he has a stepfather from an early age. He had also a cute and energetic childhood with full of emotions. Rezső has grown up with an intention to start a family once it is given to him. This also proves that it is not blood ties that makes people family, even more growing up in love and care. He speaks in Hungarian, English and Russian.

We met each other 5 years ago on an online dating website. As soon as we had our first date, we knew that we want to know each other because it was somehow different and much more. Moreover, we met again the next day. Date followed date (you know how it goes) and Rezső has found himself at his place that we have been living together. We knew it was time to buy our future family home. We built and beautified it together.

Every year on Dániel’s idea, we make an advent calendar in which everyone has days to give presents. 11 December was special in 2018 because it was Dániel turn to open the little surprise in the morning. There was a small box only one question written on it: Will you marry me? Of course, the happiness was huge (he said yes :D). Whereas there was a difficult Covid-19 period our family was very supportive in everything, therefore we still managed to hold an amazing wedding, in which even Dániel’s grandmothers participated.

On our honeymoon, which was unfortunately just a long weekend in Hungary due to virus situation, we realized that now is the time to start a family because we feel how good our team is.

Daniel has two sisters, both younger. Therefore, from a young age he knew and felt what it is like to take care of someone and be responsible. Dániel’s older sister is a teacher whose helpful advice is always useful. Both his mother and father raised him knowing how good it is to grow up in a family. Dániel can call himself lucky, because his two grandmothers are still alive and they gather many times a year with other relatives. On these occasions where the families joy always fill Dániel’s and Rezső’s heart with new energy.

As we mentioned before, Rezső did not grow up in a standard family, but he still found common ground with Dániel. The fact that Rezső’s mother is Ukrainian may have played a role in Rezső’s temperament that makes him a real energetic and forceful man. It was very important for Rezső to maintain contact with his grandparents, e.g. even though they lived in another country, he spent a lot of time with them. He tells Dániel a lot about the time they spent together, but unfortunately, they are no longer with us. When we are with Dániel’s grandmothers, Rezső is always reminded of his own what brings happiness to his life.

We visit our families every weekend if we have the possibility.

We have always known that our path to become family would look different than other families’. However, there is a phrase in Hungary that we can represent with all of our heart, and it gives us strength: FAMILY IS FAMILY! We have always wanted to be parents but did not quite know what that would look like for us.

First, we started towards adoption, and this was once again a moment where we became even more confident that we can make serious decisions together which affect our family’s life. In Hungary, this is quite a long process and we have heard about other alternatives, so we fell into the world of surrogacy with more positive expectation. We have spent months trying to get into the picture from the beginning to the end of this process. Luckily everyone is constantly supporting for instance family, friends, acquaintances, lawyer, hospital and so on.

We struggled a lot to find an egg donor, to give an example, when we were already at the finish line this year, unfortunately the egg donor withdrew citing health reasons, so we should start all over again. But we never gave up, because we knew we had a common goal, we would like to start a family.

And in November, the miracle happened, we have 35 embryos ready to be sent for testing.

It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but since we’ve been together, Amina (our dog) is the smallest member of the family. It is also thanks to her that we go on a lot of trips, we like spending time in nature.

We like traveling and getting to know new places, people and culture, which we would like to show and share with our children.

We have many friends who also support us and we can rely on them even after the arrival of the child. Some of them have already had children and family doctors, which can be extra help to us. We spend a lot of time with our friends, by having joyful dinner or playing board games.

We do not only love the celebrations of holidays but the preparations that come with them.

We both go to sports every week, whether it’s regular gym or even kangoo, the most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We will support our surrogate by providing reimbursement for all costs or expenses that are permissible under Canadian law. We have thought ahead and set aside to create a secure financial background.

We will also be regularly available for all phone/video conversations that may need to occur. We definitely want to be a partner in this entire journey, whenever she needs to be supported, we should be there for her.

We are very much looking forward to being in regular contact with our surrogate on any platform that suits and is convenient for her. If we are allowed, we would like to visit our surrogate at least once during the pregnancy.

After the pregnancy, we definitely want to continue the relationship with our surrogate, but only as much as suits everyone.

We plan to share the details of the unique origin story with our child from an early age, e.g. there are very good tales in Hungarian with pictures, or even we will make a unique story book with our pictures (surrogate mother, us, doctors, travel, etc. like a big adventure).

It would be very valuable if we could introduce you who helped us become parents to our child when there will be any questions.

Dániel & Rezső

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