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Sally Rhoads-Heinrich

Sally Rhoads-Heinrich

My name is Sally Rhoads-Heinrich, and I am the owner and administrator of Surrogacy in Canada Online. I have tremendous passion for surrogacy as an alternative for infertile couples and it is with high hopes that my site is a valuable resource for information, referral and support for Canadians involved with third party reproduction.

In 2000, I was honoured to be chosen as a gestational surrogate for a Maryland couple and carry and deliver their boy and girl twins, Victoria and Peter. I had a wonderful and rewarding experience and it is a pure joy to see the family I helped create growing and loving life to the fullest.

Since the birth of the twins I have tried to help many other infertile couples by undergoing 8 more I.V.F cycles as a gestational surrogate with unfortunately no success (4 miscarriages including 1 twin ectopic). The women I had tried to help had varying types of infertility ranging from Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, to heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension, hysterectomy due to cancer/fibroids and unexplained infertility. I have also devoted my time over the last 18 years to not only our surrogacy program but to third party reproduction forums, email listservs and media.

I live in southwestern Ontario with my husband Christoph (Chris) and our four children. Together we operate Surrogacy in Canada Online and Heinrich Farms Ltd. (grain, oilseed & pork production).

In 1999, I graduated with honours as a Mental Health Counsellor from Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario (Native Community Care: Counselling & Development Program). I thoroughly enjoy helping both intended parents and surrogate mothers with their questions and concerns.

I feel every intended parent has the right to alternative reproductive options so that they can experience the joys of raising a child, that in most surrogacy arrangements, is genetically related to themselves.

All the best to you in your surrogacy journey!