SCO Team

Surrogate Support Group Moderator/Doula

Sherri-Lyn Cranston


My name is Sherri-Lyn Cranston and I have had a passion for pregnancy and birth that started when I was young. As a child, I would put big water balloons in my bathing suit and daydream of my future pregnancies. I voiced at a very young age that I wanted to help people through pregnancy and birth, aspiring to be an obstetrician when I grew up. I have shifted my focus to midwifery, and I am still pursuing that dream. That passion led me to train as a Revolutionary Doula, and dedicate myself to assisting families of all shapes and sizes through their pregnancies and birth with compassion and respect, no matter where they are coming from or what direction they are hoping to go.

After carrying and birthing my own two children, I felt my family was complete, but my love for pregnancy called me to become pregnant again as a surrogate mother; to carry a child for another family. My knowledge and passion for surrogacy and third party assisted reproduction carries into my birthwork, as I support families and individuals through these niche and multi-layered circumstances. I know that surrogates often need an understanding support person to help navigate through more complicated procedures and protocols, and the emotions that come along with them. Many surrogates need extra support as they give so much of themselves to make others’ dreams of a family come true.

I am a talented artist specializing in pregnancy and birth, using media such as belly casts, henna belly and body art, placenta art, and birth photography. Intimately woven into the birth story, every piece I produce is a unique tribute to the incredible experience of pregnancy and childbirth.