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Jaclyn Swinkels

Jaclyn Swinkels

My name is Jaclyn Swinkels, I’m the current webmaster for Surrogacy in Canada Online. I’ve been working with Sally for over 10 years. My role includes maintaining the current site and also working with Sally on updating/adding to various resources on the site.

I remember the day I started working on the Surrogacy in Canada Online website. I was unfamiliar with the world of surrogacy but very interested in learning more. In 2018 my husband and I welcomed our first daughter and in 2021 we welcomed boy/girl twins. The birth of our children has given me a different perspective on parenthood and more empathy towards couples faced with infertility.

I really enjoy working with Sally and am excited for what the future brings as far as further developing different features of the site so it continues to be a go-to resource for those interested in surrogacy.