Surrogate: Dana

My name is Dana, also known as “your peanut’s shell”, I am a very blessed mommy to two beautiful little girls, ages 3 months and 3 years, and a so very proud surrogate mother to 1 year old twins. I work in customer service and my fiance and I have been together for 7 amazing years.

I made the choice to become a surrogate at 20, I may have been young but I knew it was something I wanted and need to do the moment I looked at my beautiful baby girl. Knowing so many would possibly never experience what I had in my arms I began the process of searching for someone to help me make couples into families. I came across an agency who matched me and we transferred two beautiful embryos a few days after my 21st birthday, it was an amazing experience but unfortunately I had rather a poor experience with the agency I was with. After placing these beautiful bundles into the arms of their proud parents I knew deep inside that I was not done and realized I was made for this!! That’s when I met Sally, she assured me that she would do anything she could to make this new journey with her as pleasant as she could when I decided to give it another go. We kept in touch and shortly after I had given birth to my newest daughter Willow I honestly couldn’t wait, I was so excited to see what Sally had for me, I was very shortly matched with my newest couple and I couldn’t be more happy and excited for our transfer in September!!

Sally is there whenever I need her and answers any questions I have the best she can. I have very confidently had other women in touch with her as well… she makes this experience very easy and exciting and I hope to tell any woman out there who is considering being a surrogate that you won’t regret it, it’s the true gift that keeps on giving and giving…