Surrogate: Bethany

Making families IS my superpower!!!

My name is Bethany, I have given birth to 5 beautiful healthy children. Four are mine and one is a surrogate baby, born in January 2013. I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. I am matched and we plan on doing an October 2013 transfer.

My husband and I live in Trenton Ontario with our four children, our daughters are 15 and 5, our sons are 12 and 9. We chose to become a surrogate family because my beloved sister was told she would not become a mother, this was devastating to our whole family. We were to carry her child for her….but could we emotionally?? We would never find out. We decided to become a surrogate for another international couple. When I was 12 weeks pregnant with our surro bean, she also became pregnant…. I am a very pround aunty!!

Being a surrogate has been a wonderful experience. Seeing the love in a mother’s eyes was the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of. To think that I helped two beautiful, caring people become parents to a beautiful baby boy is absolutely mind blowing!!

I chose SCO to be part of an amazing group of kind, helpful and loving families. My previous intended parents are with Sally and SCO and it was through them that I met Sally. She was very understanding of my situation, being a surrogate herself, and gave me the advice that made my first journey a joyful one.

Advice….You are AMAZING. It may not always be sun shine and butterflies, but it is a beautiful journey!