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Leah Liederman

Leah Liederman

My name is Leah Liederman, and I began my journey with Surrogacy in Canada in 2018. I constantly tell people that becoming a surrogate was one of the greatest things of my life and I feel blessed to have successfully made a family and continue to help others start, or extend theirs.

In 2018, I was blessed and chosen by a local Toronto couple, Danny and Matt, to be their gestational surrogate and carry their beautiful baby girl, Lily. I had an incredible relationship with these boys from the start and the amazing relationship continues to this day with them and their now two daughters. My own daughters have an amazing relationship as well and it has been incredible to see them become mini advocates of the LGTBQ community. I love seeing the amazing dads that these boys are to Lily and her baby sister Lucy. Everyone deserves and has the right to make a family if they want one.

Since the birth of Lily, I attempted a second journey with another local couple and sadly, after a later miscarriage and failed transfers, we chose to end our journey together. I am now in the process of cycling with another couple, this time International, in Israel and if all goes well, hope to have a baby for them within the year. As I just reached 40 and have had many challenges medically with these recent journeys, this will be my last IVF cycle and I will be retiring from surrogacy after I have had this one last try. My personal journey will be over, but through this vast array of life experiences, (infertility at the start of my marriage, miscarriages in between my own children, matching with 3 different IPs, going through a divorce in the middle of my second journey, miscarriage as a surrogate and successfully carrying a surro-babe and hopefully a second) I have a lot of knowledge and advice to give to surrogates and IPs as well.

I recently offered Sally my services as an advice-giver, a person to be by your side during a Toronto transfer if you have no one, a Toronto host (if you don’t want to be alone before or after a transfer) and just someone to be here for you in Toronto if you need, or want it.

I live in North York, close to the busses and subway system and am a teacher with flexible hours if need be. In the summer, I am off and have much more flexibility. I am a proud mom of two girls, Miriam and Breana and two cats (Simba and Bella) and would love to help any of you in your journeys with Surrogacy in Canada.

In 2005, I graduated Teacher’s College at York University and love teaching Kindergarten in the York Region District School Board. One of the highlights of my career was teaching my kinder class about what surrogacy was and why I was helping a family in need. The children’s book: “The Kangaroo Pouch” that was given to me by Sally, is a teaching tool I use to this day!

In my heart I deeply feel that every person has the right to be a parent. My children are the greatest joys of my life and I want others to experience the same joy.