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Isabelle LeBlanc

Isabelle LeBlanc

My name is Isabelle LeBlanc. I live in small community north of Moncton, New-Brunswick with my three kids. I currently work in retail full-time and do a little bit of photography part-time.

I’ve always been a big fan of the TV show “Friends”, and in one of the story lines of the show, a character (Phoebe), was a surrogate mother for her brother. That is where the idea of surrogacy came from for me. I never thought I’d actually go through with it, but years later, the idea was still floating in my mind.

In August 2012, I gave birth to my third child. Even though I felt that my family was complete, I wanted to be pregnant again. Surrogacy was calling me and that’s when I decided to look further into it and start my research. I wanted to help and give the gift of life to a family.

In February 2013, I “matched” with an incredible couple from Nova Scotia through Sally’s website. We went through many ups and downs during our journey. We had one failed transfer, two cancelled cycles and finally, one successful transfer. In April 2015, I gave birth to their beautiful baby boy and I cannot be more proud of myself.

During those two years, I learned a lot about the surrogacy world and I’m more than happy to stay connected to it by being a part of Sally’s team. I’m looking forward to help you!