As I lay here thinking about our special event that happened this past weekend I can’t help but think this would not be possible without the help of Sally and our wonderful surrogate Kate and her family.

Where to even start, how this all began…

As we sat in the dr. office we discussed whether we should try another embryo transfer. After 3 failed attempts and amazing quality embryos we hear the news again “Laurie you’re not pregnant, lets try again next cycle”. I was devastated. How hard could this be? I have 18 amazing quality embryos, a full term healthy pregnancy from a previous marriage and our fertility problems were unexplained. Four years later and still not pregnant.

The news hit me hard and as much as my husband wanted all our dreams to come true he just couldn’t make it happen. Derek is a fixer he likes to fix things and make them better. He couldn’t fix this problem my dreams were shattered and my heart was broken.

Every night Derek stayed up googling, and googling and more googling — he wasn’t ready to give up yet and he knew somehow there was a way.

He googled and came upon this website and gave me a number to call and name of a person to speak too. The next day I called the number and asked to speak to Sally. I explained to her my whole situation and broke down crying. One simple statement Sally said to me “Laurie, just because an embryo transfer doesn’t work with you, doesn’t mean it won’t work in someone else’s body” – Was Sally my answer, could this person with no medical degree make all my, I mean all “our”, dreams come true? My family dr., OB, fertility Dr couldn’t help me how could this lady who I never met give me one straight answer and I am hanging on her every word as she is speaking to me. Maybe you don’t need a professional medical degree to help us create our dreams maybe you need an “ANGEL”.

We joined Sally’s website and we too became “Intended Parents”. I emailed Kate an experience surrogate who has had twins for another couple just the year before. Kate and I spoke for a good couple of hours on the phone and the next thing I knew she was emailing me to “fill my 7 seater car”. As I laid in bed that night way too excited to fall asleep I was thinking all night… could this be happening? I was wishing for a miracle, I dreamed of angels, and fairies with magical powers – this lady was married with two kids, lived in Victoria, and worked as well as her husband. Was I missing something? Where was her wand, her wings, her fairy dust? My angel was nothing that I have ever thought an angel would be — my angel looked just like me.

From February to May we got to know each other before the big transfer day. May 31st was the transfer – 2 embryo’s and 2 days later I got a text with 2 lines that will forever change our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

On January 22nd 2014 our beautiful twin girls Mackenzie and Chloe were born in Victoria BC.

I’ll never forgot one question I was asked by the psychologist who did our evaluation — “Derek and Laurie when your baby/babies get older will you one day tell them who they came from? Our reply was of course yes! I am changing my answer, I will never sit down and tell them who they came from. They will always grow up knowing! I ask them all the time “Who’s tummy did you come out of? MAMA Kate” and one day when they can talk they too will reply “Mama Kate”

Kate and and her husband Andrew flew in for this very special event – Mackenzie and Chloe were named in the jewish faith at a synagogue. As they were touching the torah, Kate and Andrew were smiling from ear to ear as if they were the proud parents looking at their own kids.

Our surrogacy journey will never come to an end — as one door closes the other one just begins.