After years of struggling with infertility, 10 IVF treatments we finally realized that we were not going to become pregnant despite great quality embryo’s and transfers. In 2006 we started researching surrogacy sites to see if this route would be the right path for us to go down to help build our family. After several months I built up the courage to post a question on a surrogacy site and this is how we came to meet Sally.

First I would like to say that Sally knows everything there is to know about surrogacy, the procedures and all legal issues involved. She helped us so much as we had found a potential surrogate in our own province, Sally was a huge support especially when our fertility clinics psychologist found our potential surrogate not really emotionally there to do a surrogacy. We decided not to go to another clinic to try again with this surrogate as after getting to know her a little we found that she was a little unsure about transferring more than one embryo, we wanted to transfer 2-3. She was nervous about a twin pregnancy and we were worried only transferring one embryo would lower the success rate. We thought to ourselves “what if the embryo split in two or three and she ended up pregnant with twins or triplets would she want to abort” the thought of this scared us so we decided to try and find a new surrogate.

All the while we were talking to Sally, we knew she was a successful surrogate that gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl and that she has a great relationship with the biological mom to this day. Finally a light bulb went off and we thought “what about Sally” within minutes I was on the phone calling Sally to let her know what was on our minds and to see if she was interested in becoming our surrogate. Without much hesitation she said “sure, I’d love to help, you both seem like a really nice deserving couple”. Within days we were arranging appointments to doctors and our lawyers to see if this was even possible.

Well after many phone consults, blood tests, and ultrasounds we were finally given the green light to move ahead with hopefully Sally getting pregnant with our baby. In May we met Sally in person for the first time in the city where our fertility clinic was the day before the transfer. We loved Sally at once, she was so nice and down to earth and really cared and wanted badly to become pregnant with our baby.

The transfer went great, perfect embryos, Sally had a perfect lining with great blood flow. After the transfer we all went back to the hotel and watched movies all day and ate pizza. Sally was a real trooper through the whole 24hr bedrest she didn’t complain once. The next day we all went out to see the city sites and retired early and watched more movies. The next morning we had to drive Sally to the airport and we were really sad to say goodbye. All we had left to do was wait.

The next two weeks were torture, we talked to Sally everyday, on day 7 Sally took a home pregnancy test and it was positive, we were all so excited. The next day Sally did another one on a Clearblue easy and the test was negative, boy were we deflated, we hoped it was just too early and we would get Sally to do a First Response test again as it is the most sensitive test. The next day Sally did the F.R and it was sadly negative. Sally did many tests after this and again all negative and so was the bloodtest. I wasn’t sure who was more sad Sally or us. It just didn’t seem fair, everything went perfectly, why?

To this day we are still in very close contact with Sally, we email almost every week and she has even sent us a beautiful scented candle she knew I loved (she brought us a whole bunch of gifts including the same candle when we met and this was the same candle she sent me but I used it all up and they are only made in her hometown), I thought this was so nice of her. I have nothing but nice things to say about Sally and I know she is still to this day trying to help infertile couples with no profit to herself even though she is no longer a surrogate but is still trying to inform potential surrogates and potential parents all they need to know about the world of surrogacy.