We are intended parents and clients of Surrogacy in Canada Online operated by Sally Rhoads-Heinrich. In the beginning we were overjoyed to find an Ontario based affordable service to assist us in our search for a traditional surrogate. But what support we have received thus far not only far exceeds our expectations but has helped to put us at ease in ways that not even professional practitioners were able to do. The sole reason for this is Sally Rhoads-Heinrich.

Sally is an experienced surrogate herself and she has written an outstanding step by step guide which is extremely user friendly and jam packed with all the information required from beginning to end. We personally have taken Sally’s book to at least two health practitioners we see and even they were blown away with all the information available to us in this guide. Being reassured by a doctor that we are on the right track with Sally’s guide book in hand was priceless to us.

Sally poses an extremely large scope in the area of surrogacy to share and she makes herself and her knowledge available one on one also. She thinks nothing of dealing with questions/concerns via email or on the phone. Anything over and above what is in her guidebook Sally is willing to answer. We have never called Sally with a question or concern and been told it is a bad time. She is available always to answer or reassure her clients. She also makes herself available to both intended parents and surrogates if needed to attend meetings, appointments etc, with them.

Sally exercises a strict code of confidence. Therefore both intended parents and surrogates can be assured knowing all personal information is and screening is safe with Sally. Information is only shared between intended parents and surrogate candidates once Sally gets the okay from both parties involved.

On a more personal note, Sally is an extremely kind and thoughtful person and is also an extremely patient person. We are a culturally diverse couple and also first timers to this and it is Sally’s sweet personality that has made being a part of Surrogacy in Canada Online probably the best thing to happen to us. We really love Sally a lot for all that she has done and continues to do for us. Please… if you are considering becoming an intended parent or a surrogate, do not hesitate to allow Sally to help you in your journey. You will not regret it for even a moment.


Surrogacy in Canada Online Clients