We have always believed that we were meant to be parents. After 13 years of marriage, however, starting a family seemed beyond our reach. We experienced 3 second trimester miscarriages, and each loss affected us deeply. We were one of those couples who were embarrased and did not want to discuss infertiltiy. Unsure of where to turn, we searched for alternative ways to have a child and considered beginning a surrogacy journey. At first, the prospect of embarking on a surrogacy journey felt overwhelming. There were so many questions to consider: how do we find the right surrogate? What are the legal issues involved? Fortunately, Sally guided us through the process with expertise, patience and compassion. With Sally’s help, our dream of starting a family once again felt attainable. Sally worked diligently to make sure that we found the right surrogate.

We were very quickly matched with our surrogate, Soraya, with whom we immediately felt a deep and strong connection. We bonded over similar values and our love for Newfoundland, Soraya’s home province and the home of many of our family and friends. One of the most exciting moments of our lives occurred when we discovered that Soraya was pregnant with our baby. Throughout the pregnancy, we talked often with Soraya and her family and arranged visits to spend time together. Sally helped us navigate the often daunting legal questions associated with the surrogacy process. She connected us with helpful professionals who made complex situations clearer and more manageable.

Our precious baby boy Liam was born on March 2, 2013. We love him more every day. Words cannot express our gratitude to make our surrogacy such a phenomenal expereince. We will always be thankful to Sally for guiding us on our surrogacy journey and to Soraya for making our dream of a family a reality. Our son has truly changed our lives.

As we look back on this past year, we consider ourselves blessed to find this wonderful angel who carried our baby and has helped us realize dreams do come true. We owe so much to Soraya’s family who welcomed us into their hearts and home. We are one BIG family and Liam will never forget his Tummy Mommy for giving him life.

Clayton & Taryn

♥ Upon Liam’s first birthday and a special note to surrogate mother Soraya…

As you know we have climbed rocky mountains and God decided to bless us with Soraya who was kind enough to carry our baby.

For those who don’t know the Grothe family, Soraya is a wonderful mom of five kids, Ethan, Hannah, Micah, Benjamin and Jael. She is married to a wonderful husband who is a pastor his name is Frederick. She was born in Fredericton and now lives in a small town called Springdale, Newfoundland. She home schools her kids and comes from a strong Christian background. In her spare time she enjoys baking, doing activities with her children and helping with church events. I met her a year ago and today we are as close as family .

We believe Disappointments are God`s way of saying I have something better, Trust in God, Have Faith and Be Patient. Today we believe God send this angel who is so unselfish in making a memorable difference.

The Lord takes, but he also gives and today we see his generosity in Soraya and our Liam. The Lord brought us together. Soraya truly walks with the Lord, as only a few could do what she has done with such joy, for us. May the Lord bless Soraya and her family abundantly.

Our dreams have come true, we are a family of 3. Disney movies, family dinners, bedtime stories, long cuddles, a messy house, sleeping by 9pm and hearing a little voice at 2 am.