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We are excited to have the opportunity to start our new life here.
Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Surrey, British Columbia
Embryo Status:
3 Frozen Embryos


Olive Fertility


Self Employed





We are a couple who love life, cherish traditional values. We hope to have a child, to live a complete life like other families. We tried many years to have a child. Once there was a pregnancy, but unfortunately, it was a ectopic pregnancy. We lost the child. We tried IVF before. But because the age of my wife, it was not successful. Now we have to try other methods. We received eggs from another woman to create embryos. Now we have three frozen embryos. We hope to fine a kind surrogate mother here to help us to realize our dream.

We have our home, It is a new townhouse. There are three big and beautiful rooms in our home, The kitchen and the living room are very big and bright. The child will have a big place to play.

We will cover all costs for our surrogate mother as recommended by Surrogacy in Canada Online and we will treat our surrogate as close friends.

Thank you for reading our story and considering being our surrogate!

We hope to meet you, a kind and enthusiastic lady, you are an elegant goddess in our heart .

Weihong & Ying

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