I’m excited to meet my future surrogate and begin this magical journey together!
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Toronto, Ontario
Embryo Status:
4 Frozen Tested Embryos




Owner and operator of a small sales and marketing business. I also work in Film and Television.




My name is Tracy and I am single intended parent!

Having been married many years ago and having had serious relationships and lots of dating I have yet to find a guy who either wants more children or who is someone appropriate to bring onboard this journey. It’s so very personal, emotional and difficult.

So the decision to have a child and start my tiny family as a single feels right.

I grew up in a nice suburban area of Scarborough to two loving stable parents. I am an only child. Early childhood was fun, and full of love. I was protected , wanted and cared for and given great eduction. Along with being put in many extracurricular activities like dance, Girl guides, music lessons and camp.

Tragedy struck our small family when my father was killed in a work related accident. My mom and I had one another after that along with a small extended family. I have always been close to my mom. My extended family is loving, helpful and reliable. We meet every month or so for a lunch or dinner.

I’ve been blessed with an incredible group of friends and a brilliant support network! Mom now lives with me in the condo. She wants a child for me as badly as I do!

For ten years I’ve been trying for a child. Either by meeting a great guy and conceiving naturally, seeking domestic/ international adoption, foster care and finally two years of IVF with donor embryos. I fell pregnant once. Suffered a terrible miscarriage. Continued onto 7 more transfers adding many different protocols to each try. Nothing implanted and after an exhaustive two years – physically, mentally and financially – I have now surrendered to the fact that I cannot carry a baby. Giving up is out of the question so the next leg of my journey will be surrogacy. Having a child is everything to me.  I feel a child brings more meaning to life. More purpose. More joy and pleasure. Parenthood may be challenging but also deeply rewarding. I imagine myself with my baby every day. Watching my child grow and meet new milestones regularly. And celebrate them with her/him.

Mom and I and our little cat Tyler live in a beautifully remodelled condo in Scarborough by the Bluffs. There is green space, parks, restaurants and hiking trails nearby. I live close to good daycares and excellent Montessori.

I would consider moving in four years or so to a small home. Most likely east of Toronto and within walking distance to schools and parks. I like the idea of a yard to play in, a family room and a playground. Good schooling is paramount.

I’m an owner and operator of a small marketing and sales business that has been around for over 20 years. I love sales and the challenges and responsibilities that come with running my own business. I have a relatively flexible schedule that can accommodate a child’s changing needs.

I also work in Film and TV and love being on set. Nurturing my craft never gets tired. Last year I developed a short solo play ( my second) and performed for a small audience of invited friends.

I enjoy fitness, long walks and hikes, mindfulness dining out and catching theatre film and music. I enjoy galleries, entertaining and spending time with my close circle of friends and family.

My little cat is snuggly and feisty. He is one of the family and longs for a human baby brother or sister.

Volunteering is a richly rewarding experience! I recently joined a committee that brings the message of hope and change to inmates at the Toronto East Detention.

I regularly raise money for the Redcross and am presently a Legacy Member.

In the past, through private performances, fashions shows and staged readings I, along with other performers, have raised money for various women’s shelters.

I see our relationship start with phone chats and text messages. Just a way to connect and stay in touch. And learn about each other. I’d love to take you out for lunch or go for a mani / pedi. Little things that will help with the stress and fatigue of pregnancy. If you live out of city or province I will arrange to get to you. I will be there for delivery and the days leading up. Every step of the way as I’m learning from you! Expenses will cover lost wages, childcare, yoga, a doula or any classes you need. My goal is to support and help you by making your experience as magical as my own!I will forever be grateful for what you have done for my family.

Surrogacy/ IP is like a special friendship – unexplainable and unlike any other.

I’d love to continue contact! How could I not? I think I’ll also go through a kind of postpartum once our baby journey is complete.

I want you to see my child grow, coo and giggle. I will share photos. Without bombarding you of course. I can’t wait to meet you!


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