Simran & Jassicka

Simran & Jassicka

We are excited to expand our family with our future child.
Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Surrey, British Columbia
Embryo Status:
4 Frozen Embryos


Olive Fertility


CEO of a Recruitment Firm (Simran)/ COO (Jassicka)




We first met in high school. We did not start dating right away, but we quickly became best friends. It wasn’t until our graduation year in 2005 that we realized that we had deeper feelings for each other. We started dating soon after and have been inseparable ever since.

Over the years, we have supported each other through thick and thin. We have been each other’s biggest cheerleaders and have always been there to offer a listening ear or a helping hand. In 2012, we decided to take our relationship to the next level and got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our family and friends.

Since then, we have travelled and enjoyed our time together, making countless memories along the way. We have always known that we wanted to start a family, but when Jassicka was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension in 2014, we knew that carrying a child would be too dangerous for her. That’s why we are now looking for a surrogate to help us fulfill our dream of becoming parents.

We both come from close-knit families and have a large extended family that is very supportive.

We were both raised with strong values of love, respect, and family. Our parents instilled in us the importance of hard work, education, and giving back to our community.

We have carried these values with us throughout our lives and hope to pass them on to our future children.

Our journey to parenthood has not been easy. Soon after our wedding, Jassicka was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension, a life-threatening condition that makes it dangerous for her to carry a child. But we have never given up on our dream of starting a family. After careful consideration, we have decided that surrogacy is the right path for us.

Our family consists of the two of us and our fur baby. We have 4 frozen embryos.

Professionally, Simran is the founder and CEO of a successful recruitment agency. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has built a reputation for himself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner for his clients. He is a savvy businessman who is passionate about helping people find meaningful employment opportunities.

Jassicka is a COO. She is a skilled people manager who is dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture. She is passionate about building high-performing teams and developing the next generation of leaders.

In addition to our love for each other, we also share a love for our fur baby, Leo. Leo is a playful and affectionate Labrador Retriever who brings so much joy to our lives. He is an integral part of our family, and we know he will be an amazing big brother to our future children.

We love to spend time with each other and enjoy the finer parts of life. We enjoy travelling and spoiling Leo. Our family and friends are a big part of our lives.

We understand that surrogacy can be a challenging journey, and we want to make sure that our surrogate feels as supported and cared for as possible.

We are looking for a surrogate who shares our values, is kind-hearted, and is excited about joining us on this amazing journey. We are committed to ensuring that she is reimbursed for all of her costs promptly.

We are committed to being there for our surrogate every step of the way, without overwhelming her with our presence. We would like to be in-touch as much as the surrogate is comfortable with.

Simran & Jassicka

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