Pavel & Chris

Pavel & Chris

Scottish/Bulgarian couple looking for a superheroine to help us grow our family!
Scottish/Bulgarian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


London, UK
Embryo Status:
Status: 8 frozen embryos




IT manager (Chris) / Financial consultant (Pavel)




Hey there, we’re Chris and Pavel! Celebrating over 9 years together and just over two years into marriage, our story began in Scotland where I (Pavel) was studying at the time and met the love of my life, Chris. He was my very first date, and, as life would have it, we quickly moved in together, maybe a bit sooner than either of us anticipated, but as it turns out, only good things followed.

Our journey led us from Glasgow to London a few years back, chasing sunnier days (than in Scotland, anyway) and career aspirations. Along the way, we’ve also embraced the role of proud dog daddies to Archie, our charming wire-haired dachshund, who frequently steals the spotlight in our photos. Most of our friends also have dogs, so on weekends, we love taking them for long walks to get them tired so we can later enjoy a nice Sunday roast in peace (somewhat like what parents do with children, or so we’ve heard!).

A bit more about ourselves – Chris comes from a small, traditional Scottish family, while I bring the Bulgarian passion and extra spice to our relationship. We both work in finance, but we’ve found a good work-life balance, allowing us to explore the world and indulge in our love for different cultures and cuisines. Chris, a culinary enthusiast, has earned the title of main chef among our friends and even started a chef Instagram page during lockdown, while I handle the important task of selecting the wine to go with his meals. I have a great passion for wine, which is why I’m also studying to be a sommelier as a hobby.

The desire to become parents has been with us since the early days. After tying the knot, we delved into discussions about our path to fatherhood. Surrogacy emerged as the perfect fit for us, and now we’re eager to expand our family, adding more joy and meaning to our lives.

After an incredible experience with our egg donor, we’re embarking on the surrogacy journey with the same care, respect, and appreciation. We understand the commitment it entails and are committed to making our surrogate feel safe, comfortable, and happy, covering all expenses. Respecting our surrogate’s space and health is paramount to us. We want to build a strong relationship and support her through the journey, making it fun and exciting for all of us. Although we’re separated by an ocean, we want to be there for the important moments and equally, we’d love to host our surrogate at some point, giving her a glimpse of where our little one will grow up.

We are truly excited to meet you and can’t wait for this next chapter!

Pavel & Chris

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