Patrick & Kortney

We are very excited to get started with this journey. Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us.
German/Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Berlin, Germany
Embryo Status:
3 frozen tested embryos in Canada (Plus 3 more in Germany)




Construction Equipment Business owner / Project Manager




Hi there!
Thank you very much for taking the time to read our profile. We are very grateful that people like you exist in this world!

We met on our very first day at university in Chicago in 2008. Our love story started with a memorable first date. Let’s just say it was more hospital drama than romance novel! We had a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant when Kortney suddenly went into anaphylactic shock – a severe allergic reaction to sesame! Patrick had to call an ambulance and we spent the evening in the ER. Things became serious very quickly for us!

After three years together in the United States, Patrick moved back to Germany and we were long-distance for almost two years. It was a challenging period, but it only made our relationship stronger. During this time, we realized we were ready to commit to a lifetime together and dreamed of starting a family.

In 2014, we got married at Kortney’s family cottage. Shortly after, we started trying to conceive, but unfortunately, pregnancy didn’t come as easily as we had hoped. We went through various fertility treatments, all of which proved unsuccessful. It was during this process that we discovered the underlying reason behind Kortney’s difficulty in carrying a baby. More details on that to follow.

After spending a little over ten years in Germany, we plan to move back to Canada next year.


Kortney grew up in Toronto. She is the co-host of The Itch Podcast and is a project manager for two non-profits both of which support patients with food allergies, asthma and eczema.

Kortney has two loving parents and a younger sister. Her father is of Chinese descent and her mother is 6th generation Canadian, of mostly British ancestry. She grew up going to the cottage every weekend, where she would play in the woods with the neighbouring kids. She went to French immersion and has been open to learning about different cultures and ways of life. She did her Bachelor’s in Chicago and her Master’s in London, England. She never thought she would learn German and live there for over 10 years, but that is the power of love.


Patrick grew up in Germany and is an entrepreneur with an online business selling construction equipment.

Patrick’s the baby of his family. His sister’s a whopping 14 years older, and his brother’s a solid 10 years ahead. His father travelled a lot for business. He took Patrick to many different countries growing up – sparking a great curiosity for the world. Now he is the owner and operator of a successful, international construction equipment business.


We enjoy being active and exploring the great outdoors. We share a passion for yoga and hiking. We love coffee, a fluffy Neapolitan pizza, books and movies.

We also have an awesome dog, who we love to cuddle with on the couch. His name is Belmont and he is a six year old Cockapoo.

On weekends, we like to meet up with friends, experiment in the kitchen or play board games with our nephews.


We plan to move to Canada once our child is born. For Kortney it is very important to have her family close by. Growing up, Kortney’s grandparents lived with them, adding a whole extra layer of love and support to the mix. We’re dreaming of a similar family-filled vibe for our child. Since Kortney’s sister decided against having children, her parents are hoping to raise a grandchild and see their family continue to the next generation.


It’s been a challenging 6 years so far. We spent several years pursuing fertility treatments in Germany, including hormone therapies, IUI, and four rounds of IVF. All without success. After the unsuccessful treatment in Germany, we decided to try it one more time in Canada. Our Canadian fertility specialist Dr. Victory, diagnosed Kortney with a small womb, which makes it impossible for her to have a successful pregnancy. We wish we had this diagnosis sooner, so we would not have gone through all the trouble of the many fertility treatments. But now we know that it will not work for us. At least it’s clarity. We are grateful that there is the option of surrogacy to fulfil our dream of starting our family.

Kortney had been skeptical about surrogacy in the past and felt like she would be a failure not to try continuously. However, knowing it would not be possible with her womb, we opened up to the possibility of another woman carrying our baby. Learning more about altruistic surrogacy changed our perspective. We are very impressed with anyone who is willing go through all of this to help out a couple who wants to start a family – It is a beautiful and selfless act. Going on this journey together with a Canadian surrogate, back in Kortney’s homeland feels like the right next step to growing our family.


We’re excited about the chance to support you in whatever ways make you feel most comfortable. Empathy and open communication are at the heart of any good relationship. You will have our unwavering support throughout the whole journey—before, during, and after the birth. We certainly respect your choices and privacy, prioritizing your safety and wellbeing above all. Regular updates throughout the pregnancy would mean the world to us, helping us feel connected every step of the way.

We’re more than willing to cover all necessary expenses; after all, you are giving us an incredible gift, and it’s only right that you shouldn’t have to bear any costs yourself. We are lucky to be in a financially comfortable position where we can travel freely and support you where we can.

Thank you very much for reading this far. We appreciate all the effort you are putting into being a surrogate and hope that something about our story resonates with you. If you can see yourself being our surrogate we would be very excited to meet you and embark on this journey together. If there is anything else you would like to know about us, feel free to reach out.

We are looking forward to forming a lasting bond with you and deeply appreciate your willingness to join us on this profound journey.

Patrick & Kortney

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