Jean & Patrick

Living in Montreal. Excited to start our family. Ready to live this wonderful adventure with you!
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Montreal, Quebec
Embryo Status:
8 frozen embryos




Both CPA (chartered professional accountants)




We are Jean and Patrick from Montreal and have had the wish to start our family for a long time!

Jean (29) – A small town boy from the countryside, I grew up with my sister in the South of Quebec before moving to Montreal and pursuing my college degree in accounting. I have worked the last five years for a pension fund. I’m the organized one of the two and the one you can count on to find solutions to everything. For me, an evening is equally well spent around a campfire as it is over a good bottle of wine.

Patrick (32) – Always in a good mood, I never sit still for too long. I grew up in Trois-Rivières in a family of three children. I spent my 20s in Quebec City where I studied hotel management, marketing and accounting before moving to Montreal (a city I love!) to work for a large bank. Friendships are very important to me, especially with close friends with whom I love to travel, be active and attend shows of all kinds – musical or humor.

We met in Montreal over 8 years ago. Jean was returning from studying abroad and Patrick was about to go study abroad as well (bad timing, right?!) A few months later, after texting and talking over FaceTime everyday despite the distance, we reunited at the airport and we have not left each other ever since!

We are excited to welcome our future child to our loving family, including four grandmothers and grandpas who have been waiting on a second grandkid, three very energetic and attentive aunties, as well as a cousin who can’t wait for a friend to play with at family parties (in addition to his 2 favorite uncles).

With Jean’s family, this kid will surely become handy, either from gardening with their grandmother or building all kinds of things with their grandfather. One thing is certain, they will develop their curiosity and play outside in the countryside!

As for Patrick’s family, they will love to participate in the many family traditions, such as the great Easter eggs hunt, the careful selection and cutting of the Christmas tree or the weekend spent in a cottage for the annual trout fishing competition!

We are fortunate to have an entourage who supports us in our desire to start a family, including several friends who have children and live nearby. We know that we will be able to count on them to support us in our new role as parents as well as on Julie, Patrick’s older sister. From the start, Julie was very involved in our project and even offered to give us her eggs. Although her donation did not work, we know that Julie will always be present for our future children.

Our future child will have the privilege of growing up with two dads who have so much love and affection to give. We are eager to teach them values that are important to us, such as respect, generosity and empathy with others.

We thought about them when we bought our home in a family-friendly neighborhood of Montreal, near major parks and good schools.

We like to spend our weekends exploring new coffee shops (and breweries) in the city, binge-watching series or hiking up mountains. If you’re looking for us in the summer, we are most probably sitting in our backyard with a cocktail, preparing a feast on the BBQ.

With us, it’s always one adventure after the other, whether it’s travel, camping, hikes or even renovation projects. We complement each other well and that’s probably why we’re making such a good team!


For us, the fit with you is crucial to build a relationship based on trust and to be able to live a simple and pleasant experience together. We are committed to supporting you throughout your pregnancy and adapting our level of involvement based on your expectations and needs, whether that means accompanying you to medical appointments, simplifying your life in any way whatsoever or simply being available to talk. In return, we would like you to share with us, from time to time, the day-to-day of your pregnancy – how you are feeling, if Baby is training for the olympics in your belly, if you are tired…

We will be happy to discuss your expectations in this journey and to know the type of relationship you wish to maintain after birth, if you wish to. Whether it be to go our separate ways, to remain friends or to become a “special auntie”, we are open to all possibilities!

We are grateful for everything you are doing for us and can’t wait to meet you!

Jean & Patrick

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