James & Kevin

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Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Toronto, Ontario
Embryo Status:
3 Frozen PGT-A Tested Embryos




TV & Film Post Production Supervisor (James) / Land Use Planning and Real Estate (Kevin)




Hello! We are Kevin and James! James (38) is the blond guy, and Kevin (53) is the brunette. We have been together for 9 years and have been married for almost three years! We first met online and then quickly met in person after we found out we’d be attending the same party that weekend – it was love at first sight! We have been inseparable ever since, we knew that our values and goals were aligned, and that we both prioritized family and we really wanted to become parents.

We both come from loving supportive families that we are very close with. Kevin was born and raised in Toronto. His mother is from Trinidad and his father is from Ontario. James was born in Ft. McMurray, Alberta, and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. His mother is from Nova Scotia and his father is from Portugal. James also has his Portuguese citizenship, and we love to spend our vacations visiting both Trinidad and Portugal!

James was a professional ballet dancer when he was younger, and moved to Toronto to train with the National Ballet of Canada after graduating from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. James now works in film and television as a Post Production Supervisor on scripted TV shows for major streaming platforms.

Kevin grew up attending St. Michael’s Choir school in downtown Toronto, where they performed choral music several times a week for large events for the community. Kevin trained as an architect and now works in land use planning and development.

We both love children. We love to watch our nieces and nephews grow up, hear their stories, and how they view the world. Kids are hilarious, and just the best! We know that we would both be excellent Dad’s, who will guide and support our child, and give them the tools they need to be successful independent adults. We were both raised by loving parents that put family first, were extremely hard workers, and gave us the love and discipline that we’re thankful for to this day. We received unconditional love and support and we were each given many opportunities.

We have also pursued public adoption since 2018, and have been ‘adopt ready’ since 2021. More and more children are not being placed for adoption as they used to be, as the agencies are trying to keep children within their wider family through kinship adoption. Due to the lack of available children through public adoption, we have decided to pursue surrogacy to expand our family.

We have 3 frozen PGT-A tested, high-quality embryos. We are part of a pregnancy guaranteed program with our clinic.

We live in downtown Toronto, and we enjoy being outside and active, especially during the summer where we like to spend time on our boat. We both love to be out on the water in Lake Ontario, our boat is our “floating cottage” where we like to spend time with family and friends.

We both maintain a healthy lifestyle, we love to cook at home and we exercise throughout the week. James just completed his first half marathon last fall, and Kevin keeps active on long bike rides on his road bike!

Our child would have a large supportive extended family that includes lots of other children ranging from 3 years old to 24 years old! We get together weekly as a group, we call them “Fam Jam’s”, where we have potlucks and have a good time! It’s a flurry of activity when all the kids are together! We spend a lot of time with our family, most of our socializing actually…

We’d like to think we are both outgoing, friendly, sociable, kind, and caring. We both love to laugh and we think we are fun to be around!

We are looking for a surrogate mother who is open, caring, trustworthy, understanding, and kind. Someone who is easy to talk to, likes laughing, having fun and is a good communicator.

We will fully support our surrogate in every way that we can, by covering any expenses that come up during the process, as well as being a friend who will be there for you!

We’re very friendly and would like to visit with you throughout the pregnancy to see how things are going, we’re all apart of this journey together, and we want to make sure you’re feeling supported!

We would like to be involved in every step of the surrogacy process if we could! We want our surrogate to be comfortable with us, and trust us, so that we could all enjoy the milestones together.

We would definitely like to be present at the delivery!

We would like to keep in touch after the delivery, sharing photos and messages. We are 100% ok with our child meeting our surrogate mother, and we plan on answering any questions our children will have, and our surrogate mother is a big part of that story!

We’re looking forward to meeting you, and getting to know one another!

James & Kevin

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