Gord & Marie

Surrogate Mom’s, you rebuild families like ours, and offer hope. Your selfless gift in sharing a journey to create a Life answers our dream, we are unable to achieve without you.
Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Trenton, Ontario
Embryo Status:
Have six frozen embryos, two are PGS genetically tested




Gord is Electrician, Marie is a Hospital In Patient UCC




Thank you to all Surrogate Mom’s, for your generosity in offering this selfless gift to help others create a Life, that we can’t do without you.

Both my husband and I met in high school, we dated for many years and later married. We planned to have a large family, since we enjoyed growing up with siblings, and wanted to share our life raising children.

In 1996, we finally had a child, our son Kevin was born. We were so thankful for his birth and the joy he brought. We suffered many miscarriages, two ectopic pregnancies and a final total hysterectomy later, leaving us with only Kevin and no chance for a sibling.

We travelled a lot with Kevin always bringing a friend for him, and camped all over, we played together and spent all of our time enjoying life with our families and friends. We were very close.

Then 22 years later, we lost our beautiful son to a lengthy but hidden mental illness that we were unaware he was suffering from.

Kevin was our life. We were very distraught, and reached out to Mental Health services for families. We have since set up two psychiatry memorial awards in perpetuity in Kevin’s name at both University of Toronto After Losing Their Son, Parents Honour His Memory by Supporting Psychiatry Trainees and Queen’s University Kevin Gordon Rankin Memorial Award to honour Kevin and bring awareness to brain illnesses.

Many friends, family and strangers supported us through this difficult time. We were able to help each other through while we continued to work and prepare to rebuild our family while keeping Kevin in our hearts.

A lovely surrogate mom who I knew, helped bring this idea to our minds. So, we started our surrogacy process, my husband is the biological male donor. We chose an egg donor with lovely qualities and amazingly 7 embryos were created, giving us another chance to grow our family.

After a few attempts at matching, a young surrogate mom and her boyfriend were willing to help us. Our surrogate couple were lovely, we connected well and shared a wonderful journey together. Our healthy baby boy was born in Jan 2022. We all stay in touch and share updates. We have restarted our family, sharing our love for our new baby….

… But, it is our wish to have more children as we planned, that they will grow up together and be in each others futures…having a bigger family where together we can create new memories, is our wish. If you will give us this chance!

We are very excited to meet you, and share this pregnancy journey. We will do our best to make the process go smoothly; we are available anytime for you. You are helping us achieve a dream and we will be there for you. When the time is right, we have the first steps, embryos that are tested and ready for transfer.

Our family is unique with unity. My adopted parents gave me a wonderful life, but have both passed on, but I carry their love and devotion together with Gord’s that our children will have. Gord’s parents, our siblings, cousins and friends support us in our journeys.

We look forward to meeting our surrogate mom, forming new relationships.

Gord & Marie

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