Fabrizio & Elisandra

We have always dreamed of having our own family & we are praying & hopeful that it will become true!
Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Nobleton, Ontario
Embryo Status:
3 Frozen embryos – genetically tested




Elisandra – Early Childhood Educator Fabrizio – Construction Worker




Elisandra – 27 years old woman and Early Childhood Educator currently working in a kindergarten classroom with the school board. Something about me that has never changed was I have always loved children and have always had a passion to work with children. Growing up and being an only child was never easy for me. I have always wanted to have a sibling and was always excited to be around babies whether it was friends or family. During high school I knew that working with kids was the career path I wanted to choose. In 2017 I graduated from Seneca College from the Early Childhood Educator program. I have worked at several daycares and have an inspiration to teach young minds. Caring for other peoples children always has a warm place in my heart. I always hoped that one day I can care for my own children the way I care for others.

Fabrizio – 28 years old man and works for a large construction company dealing with asphalt and concrete projects. Fabrizio is a go – getter when it comes to his job and life situations, he enjoys what he does and likes participating in hands on projects. Fabrizio enjoys going to the gym and spending his time outdoors.

Our Story:

Elisandra and Fabrizio met back in high school in 2012 and grew up being high school sweethearts. We dated for 10 years. September 2023 we became husband and wife and still love eachother like no other till this day. We both grew up with nurturing and caring parents. Both of our families have always been there for us and show us their unconditional love and support.
Elisandra is the only child and Fabrizio has 3 brothers one including his twin brother. Both parents are happily married. Elisandra’s Dad has been a widow for 11 years. Mom has passed away in 2013.

In 2017, after much suffering and multiple health crises, Elisandra underwent her first surgery (a myomectomy) to remove multiple large fibroids on the inner part of my uterus. I experienced a lot of blood loss which caused me to become anemic. It was so bad that I had to have multiple blood and iron infusions to be able to function and live my daily life. With that being said, I remember the day that I thought I was not going to graduate college during this health crisis but I pushed myself and did it.
4 years later, I was once again experiencing similar symptoms of intense pain and blood loss. I met with multiple doctors to determine what was going on.

In 2022 I unfortunately was diagnosed with Intravenous Leiomyomatosis. This is a rare condition that does not normally affect people in my age group, and so it came as quite the shock to myself and doctors. Intravenous Leiomymatosis masses are located in the blood vessels. These fibroids surround the uterus, but also extend to the common iliac vein in the pelvic area of the uterus. I was told by many doctors and specialists that it could be life threatening and that these masses could possibly spread to my lungs and heart. With being in distress and following many appointments, CT scans, MRI’s, blood work, ultrasounds, blood/ iron infusions and many medications, there was no positive result. My health got put at risk and my only remaining option became an abdominal hysterectomy. With that being said I became so heartbroken knowing that I could not carry a baby of my own, Especially because I wanted to experience pregnancy so bad and knew that I wanted to be a mother but never got the chance to try and convince.

December 2022, I underwent an abdominal hysterectomy and doctors were able to remove the fibroids, uterus, cervix, bilateral fallopian tubes and the fibroid that was wrapped around the vein inside of the uterus. Due to the nature and severity of the surgery, gynaecologists and a vascular surgeon were present for the 6 hour surgery.
Thankfully I have been blessed that I have been able to preserve my ovaries and become successful in our egg retrieval journey at Create in Toronto. We now have 3 tested frozen embryos.

We currently live in a beautiful home on two acres of land. We plan to raise our child here in our current home. We love nature and our backyard space.

Elisandra and Fabrizio love spending time outdoors. We enjoy making bbq and pizza in our outdoor pizza oven. We come from an Italian background and of course we love food and we love to cook together. We love our summer nights by a campfire listening to music and having drinks. We have a small barn with cats, chickens and rabbits. We both love animals.

We will be able to support our surrogate by being there whenever we need to be during appointments or any other needs. We will cover all the costs and expenses that need to be covered during this journey. We will be forever grateful for whoever chooses us to become parents and fulfill our dreams. Our surrogate can always be in touch with us!

We hope to have a loving, honest and open relationship with our surrogate. Staying in touch and sharing photos is always an option! Our door is always open and you’re welcome to come over anytime!

We know that being a surrogate is never easy but we appreciate the kind and loving hearts that choose to make this decision to help couples like us who are in need.

Please consider in choosing us to embark on this journey together!

With love,

Fabrizio & Elisandra

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