David & Alex

David & Alex

We are so excited to meet the woman who can help us realise our dream of starting a family.
British Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


London, England, United Kingdom
Embryo Status:
5 frozen embryos (PGT-A tested)




IT Manager (David) / Data Scientist (Alex)




We are David (33) and Alex (37) and we are a loving couple living in London, UK. We were introduced by mutual friends 11 years ago on a camping trip, and hit it off immediately! We’ve loved making each other laugh and creating memories together, and were overjoyed to finally get married in the autumn of 2021. It was so wonderful for us to share this moment with our friends and family.

David grew up in nearby Essex where his family still live today. His mum is Scottish and his Dad is from northern England. We are still very close (geographically and emotionally!) to his brother and sister who both have their own amazing families. David played a role helping his older sister to raise his niece and nephew after their Dad sadly left when they were barely toddlers. It only feels like yesterday, but they’re now off to university! He is a big theatre nerd, and he’s even known to occasionally do a bit of acting himself. He works in IT as a manager for a renewable energy company.

Alex is from Manchester where his family still lives and we visit there as often as we can. He recently discovered he is a quarter Irish. He moved down south to Cambridge to study where he made friends for life. Many of them have now started their own family, and we love hanging out with them and seeing their kids grow. He used to work in finance, but has retrained recently to follow his passion as a software engineer working with AI. Deep down, he is really just a geek. His biggest hobby is going to theme parks and riding rollercoasters. He would probably live in Disneyland if he could!

It came up pretty early in the relationship that we have both always wanted kids. Family has always been such a big part of both of our lives. We both feel incredibly privileged that we’re now in a position to provide a child a supportive and loving home. We are excited to see some little feet find who they are, and we are ready to love them unconditionally on their journey.

We really love living in London as there’s so much going on. We’re excited to be in a position where our kids will be able to easily access all the museums, history and attractions here. As we start our family and watch our children grow up, we’re planning to move out more towards the countryside. This will let us give them ample space to run around and explore safely, and move us even closer to both our families. Our families are a huge part of our support network and we’re lucky they are so supportive and willing to help. They are all so excited to see us taking this step.

As well as theme parks and theatre, we both really love cooking. David is a keen cook, whereas Alex enjoys baking and he’s excited to have a second little pair of hands to help him out.

We also love to get outdoors whenever we can. We have lots of natural beauty nearby, and plan walking trips locally. We try to plan our holidays to take in the incredible nature and wildlife further afield including across the Americas and Asia. We both love Canada and have both done several trips already. We’re excited to see more of Canada over our future trips, and to help our child explore part of where they came from.

We have come to Canada to find a surrogate because it has such a good culture and history of people doing surrogacy that doesn’t really exist where we live.

We will do everything we can to make sure you are supported financially, medically and emotionally throughout the journey. We expect to come to Canada regularly, and we would ensure we speak often enough to understand when you would appreciate this most. We both have really supportive jobs that allow us to work from other countries including Canada, even at short notice. Between travel and video chats, distance will not be a barrier for us being there to support you.

Following the surrogacy journey, we are open to cultivating an ongoing relationship. You will have been a significant part of both our and our family’s journey, and we would love for you to continue to be as engaged as you feel comfortable.

David & Alex

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