Daniel & Kkay

Hoping for your compassionate heart to help fulfill our dream of having our own child.
Chinese Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Kelowna, British Columbia
Embryo Status:
IVF Cycle in Process




Daniel (International Student) / Kkay (Entrepreneur)




I’m Daniel, known for my gentle and steady demeanor, always striving for positivity. Over the years, my ex-bosses and ex-colleagues have praised me for being honest and dependable. My partner is Kkay, a vibrant and intelligent young man, known for his cheerful disposition, resilience, and eagerness to learn. Together, we share a common trait of helping others, respecting elders, and striving for a better future.

After knowing each other for over nine years, we officially tied the knot on February 9, 2024, in British Columbia, Canada. Currently, Kkay remains in our home country, dedicating himself to building his startup and working hard to secure our future. Meanwhile, I arrived in Canada at the end of August 2023 as an international student, embarking on my second overseas educational journey. With nearly a decade of experience studying and working in Japan two decades ago, our shared goal now is to build a happy and prosperous family in Canada after I graduate.

Because both of my parents grew up in rural China and come from generations of hardworking farmers, they understand the value of diligence. Despite the extremely challenging times they faced, they raised my sister and me, ensuring we both had the opportunity to attend university, and even supported me through years of studying in Japan. They deeply believe in the power of education to change lives, and because of their sacrifices, my sister and I will forever be grateful to them for providing us with a warm and happy home.

My partner and I have been together for over 9 years. Six years ago, we began planning our dream of having our own baby. Despite our English barriers, we overcame hardships to freeze both sperm and donor’s eggs. Now, we eagerly await the final embryo cultivation step.

As we both work hard each day, we firmly believe that our future home in Canada will be a cozy haven, brimming with brightness, happiness, stability, and safety for our future children (we’re hoping for at least two!).

Moreover, an important aspect for both of us is our love for children and pets. Currently, we have two adorable Japanese Shiba Inu dogs: Momo, a gentle and affectionate dog of about 4 years old, and Panda, Momo’s playful and mischievous son, who is around 1 year old. They live with Kkay in our home country. Therefore, we sincerely hope that our dream of having a baby can come true with your boundless love and generosity. We also believe that eventually, we’ll be blessed to meet a little one who embraces our long-held dream of a beautiful and warm family.

We’re both ready to cover the hefty cost of surrogacy and can afford it whenever needed to complete the entire process smoothly.

With the appearance of our surrogate mother, we see it as destiny’s arrangement, a bond from past lives. Therefore, we firmly believe that whether during pregnancy or after childbirth, the surrogate mother is undoubtedly our child’s family and the guardian angel of our future family. We hope to maintain a lifelong connection, akin to relatives, if possible.

Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read about us. But there’s so much more we want to share and discuss with you. My partner and I eagerly await your loving contact so we can start our unique journey of mutual support and understanding. And please allow us to express our deepest gratitude and infinite respect from the bottom of our hearts.

Daniel & Kkay

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