Corbin & Eitan

Corbin & Eitan

We’re incredibly excited to start this journey with you, turning our dreams of being joyful dads and building a loving family into reality.
Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Toronto, Ontario
Embryo Status:
8 Frozen PGS Embryos




Property Developer (Corbin) / Co-Founder at Health-Tech Firm (Eitan)




Quick Facts!

  • Together for 4 amazing years, married for 1.5!
  • Corbin was born and raised in Toronto, Eitan in Tel Aviv
  • We met overseas and moved back to Toronto to start a family of our own. We now live in a house we bought close to Corbin’s parents and sisters, and many of our friends.
  • We share a love of fun and adventure; are very close with our family and friends; travel often; are active and outdoorsy; and enjoy games and home design projects.
  • Corbin is a nurturing, empathetic soul who is always ready to listen. He loves architecture, stand-up comedy, dancing, winter sports, and making his friends laugh until they cry.
  • Eitan always sees the bright side of everything and is always ready to find a solution. He loves travel, having friends and family for dinner, discovering new technology, and popcorn.
  • Corbin builds small rental buildings and Eitan manages a health-tech firm.

About Us

We’re Corbin and Eitan – we’re incredibly grateful for the chance to tell you a bit about ourselves and can’t wait to get to know you too! While you explore our story, remember there’s plenty more we’d love to share. Should you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to ask. This journey is all of ours to share, so we want you to feel as comfortable with us as we do with you.

Corbin is the guy you go to for a big hug. Kind and empathetic, he’ll validate your feelings, make you feel heard and never judge. He’s also the comic of our household. Nights with friends often turn into a one-man show with everyone in hysterics. Corbin is the artsy one, too. He sketches in his free time, writes poems for Eitan on every special occasion (and sometimes just because), and has an incredible knack for architecture and design.

Eitan is the problem-solver. He’s everyone’s go-to guy for advice. Eitan is ever positive, seeing challenges as opportunities and is always finding small ways to make our lives better. He’s supportive and encouraging, pushing us to be the best version of ourselves and to achieve our dreams. Eitan plans trips and adventures, family dinners, fun nights out with friends and cozy nights in playing board games or watching movies – always with a massive bowl of popcorn in hand.

We share a love for travel and discovering new places. Over the last few years, we’ve been lucky enough to visit Europe, the Middle East and destinations throughout North America. We love cooking together and trying new foods. We have a not-so-secret love of animated movies and musicals. We’re both very active and health conscious, cooking and eating nutritious meals and spending much of our free time hiking, biking, swimming, skiing or weightlifting. You’ll often find us discovering delicacies at a local farmer’s market or treating ourselves to an iced coffee with something sweet on the side. We also enjoy live music, musical theatre and dancing the night away with our friends.

Corbin grew up in Toronto with an active, adventurous family. There was no shortage of extra curriculars, like soccer, ski racing and art class. There were family trips and adventures, and weekends spent hiking, skiing and swimming. Corbin was a teacher’s pet, a helpful son and both his grandmother’s favourite grandchild (but don’t tell his cousins!). Having grandparents who survived the Holocaust, the importance of family and community was instilled in him from a very early age. Corbin has always been great with kids. He was an award-winning camp counselor for the youngest section at overnight camp, and taught ski and snowboard lessons on weekends to groups of rambunctious kids.

Corbin has always loved cities and architecture and dreamed of being a builder since he was a little boy. After 15 years in the Real Estate Industry, Corbin recently started his own property development company. Wanting to make a positive impact, he specializes in building small, sustainable rental buildings in neighbourhoods where the need for housing is most acute. Corbin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s in Urban Planning.

Eitan shares a similar upbringing. It was a busy house with four active kids and both Mom and Dad working full time, but his parents always found a way to fill the schedule with swimming lessons, volleyball, squash and family trips. While raising a family, Eitan’s father built his own real estate firm and his mom built her own law practice. Eitan’s parents taught the kids to be self-sufficient and independent while supporting them and nurturing their innate passions and curiosities. Like Corbin, Eitan spent a lot of his free time with kids – teaching swimming and squash to toddlers and young children.

An entrepreneur with expertise in technology, Eitan spent 8 years in cybersecurity, built his own software company in Hong Kong and a consulting firm in China. Most recently, he co-founded a health-tech company in Toronto specializing in preventative medicine and improved quality of life. His firm ensures early detection of diseases, proper nutrition, exercise and good mental health so patients live healthier, longer lives. Eitan holds both an MBA and a Law Degree.

Our Story

We met in Tel Aviv four years ago and have been attached at the hip ever since. Corbin was there for his Master’s degree and Eitan had just returned from several years in Asia. Eitan knew this was it from the very first date, telling his sister Shiri immediately that Corbin is the one. Covid struck and Tel Aviv went into lockdown the next day, preventing us from seeing each other again in person, so we had virtual dates for hours every single day for an entire month. Corbin even asked Eitan to be his boyfriend on video by making a poster and showing it to him over Facetime. We moved in together after just two months and, due to Covid, were together 24/7 for the first 18 months of our relationship. We often joke that the whole world stopped in order for us to be together.

In the years since, we’ve grown stronger as a couple, building a beautiful, fun-filled life together surrounded by amazing family and friends. We moved back to Toronto a year and a half ago to start a family of our own and to be close to Corbin’s sisters and parents. Since then, we’ve been very busy! We bought a beautiful heritage home together in Cabbagetown – a historic neighbourhood in Downtown Toronto. We got a puppy Husky named Teddy Bear, the sweetest and happiest dog around. Teddy is an important part of our family, and we want to introduce our children to animals early on as it teaches compassion and kindness. We then planned a fabulous white, country wedding all on our own, and we each started our own businesses.

Family Life

We’re very close with our families, hosting weekly dinners and often spending weekends at Corbin’s family’s place in Collingwood, ON with the whole clan. Corbin is the middle child, between two sisters who he speaks with daily. Eitan is the second of four, and considers his sister, Shiri, to be his best friend.

We spend a ton of time with Corbin’s sister Dani and her family, often taking her three kids on outings in the city, to fun events or out to hit the ski slopes. They lovingly refer to Eitan as ‘Tickle Monster’, shrieking when he comes in to give them a tight squeeze. They ask us when they’ll be getting cousins regularly. We’re so close with them that Dani gave us the most incredible gift she possibly could – her eggs. Using Eitan’s sperm, we now have 8 healthy, PGS-tested embryos at Create ready to grow. We know how incredibly lucky we are to have been given this gift and are so grateful to Dani and our whole family for their unwavering support throughout our journey.

Always having the unconditional love and support of our families helped us come to terms with our sexuality and learn to love and accept ourselves. We’re privileged to have a supportive family, as this is not always the case for same-sex couples, as well as a wonderful group of diverse friends who enrich our life and make it fun and meaningful. It truly takes a village and we couldn’t do it without them.

Our families instilled a similar set of values in us: the importance of family, a zest for living each moment to its fullest and that love always wins. These shared values are why our relationship is so strong and feels so natural, and we hope to impart these values on our children. Having children is one of the most deeply fulfilling and meaningful human experiences there is, and was always part of our plan.

We wanted to move to Canada, have a fabulous wedding, start our own businesses, buy a house, get the cutest dog in the world and have two awesome kids. Together as a team, we’ve overcome some immense challenges to accomplish almost every major item on our list. We’re now ready and incredibly excited to start the surrogacy journey with you and to grow our family. It would not be possible for us without you. We thank you with all our hearts. The gift you are giving will transform our lives and have a far-reaching impact on the lives of our family, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, and friends.

(Fun fact: we co-wrote three children’s books together about a child’s journey of learning and discovery. We can’t wait to bring this story to life and share a similar journey with our own children.)

Our Commitment to You

We’re simply blown away by your kindness and generosity, giving so much of yourself in order for others to experience parenthood. Our commitment to you is unwavering: we want to make life as smooth as possible for you, knowing that the pregnancy itself is just part of the journey.

We will cover all costs and expenses associated with this journey and be right by your side throughout the emotional and physical ups and downs. During the surrogacy journey we will support our surrogate in any way required. We will always be available for texting and phone calls, as well as checkups and appointments. We will book nice hotels and reimburse for all meals and travel expenses.

We’re excited to be part of every step, from initial medical checks to future family get-togethers. Our connection with you will hopefully bring joy and meaning to both our families for years to come. We respect our future surrogate’s boundaries and relationship expectations, and hope to earn your trust, care, and friendship. If our surrogate wishes to remain in contact after the birth of the baby, we would certainly be open to continuing the relationship, but if our surrogate prefers to have a more transactional relationship, we will respect that too.

Of course, we understand everyone has their own vision for this journey. We’re both totally open to hearing what you’re hoping for. Maybe we’re on the same page about everything, or maybe you have unique ideas – either way, we’re eager to learn and see if we’re a good fit. Ultimately, we believe it’s all about human connection, kindness, and the shared belief that family is everything.

Eyes welling with tears as we write this, we can’t begin to express how grateful we are to you, our future surrogate. Thank you for giving us the greatest gift in the world.

Corbin & Eitan

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