Chris & Christina

Chris & Christina

Our greatest dream is to have the joy of parenthood.
Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Whitby, Ontario
Embryo Status:
5 Frozen PGS Embryos




Engineering Manager (Chris) / Teacher (Christina)




We started our journey together in 2007. Fast forward to 2013, and we were married on a beautiful summer day. We have always wanted to have children, and while we have tried for a number of years, it wasn’t until 2020 when we became aware of Christina’s medical condition (severe Endometriosis) that we realized we would need to rely on a surrogate to be successful. That is what brings us to you, and we hope that we have captivated your attention.


I was born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. My father was a teacher at the local high school, and my mom was involved in the church community. I have two siblings, a brother and sister, and they are both engineers working in Ontario. I did my schooling at Memorial University in St. John’s where I studied Mechanical Engineering. I have been working in Ontario ever since, and am proud to help generate power for the province.

In my personal time, I have a number of interests. I enjoy gardening at home, reading fantasy and science fiction novels and physical fitness. I’ve also ran the Toronto half-marathon a few times. I have been involved with music at various points in my upbringing; I’ve sung in the church choir and played the euphonium in the school band. My deepest passions; however, would have to be miniature painting, 3D printing and spending time with our two Siberian Huskies.


I was born in Montreal, Quebec. My father worked as an engineer which led us to settling in Ontario. Growing up, I was highly involved in music and the arts, and this passion developed into teaching music to children. I received an Honours Bachelor of Arts at Western University, and later pursued my dream of becoming a teacher.

My passions include music and photography. Throughout my life, I played the flute in the school band. I also played the piano from my early years through to university. To this day, I have the privilege of conducting music programs at the school to children. My other passion is running and hiking alongside our two Siberian Huskies. They are very dear to us and are a constant source of joy and comfort.

Our Journey

We have been trying to have children for a number of years. In 2020, we came to understand that Christina is suffering from severe Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. Endometriosis results in endometrial like tissue growing on the outside of the uterus, and in Christina’s case, it has impacted her ability to carry a baby. In processing through IVF, we have been fortunate to have 5 viable PGS tested embryos. We now need to rely on the generosity and kindness of another to help grow our family and realize our dream of parenthood.

We desperately want to be parents. We believe that children are the greatest gift and the purpose of life. Without children, life has little in the way of meaning. They make life worthwhile and give you a reason to push for a better future. We want to experience both their successes and failures and watch them grow into the adults who are genuine, honest and kind.

Our Relationship

We would like very much to have a personal relationship with our surrogate. It is through their generosity that they will help us to realize our dreams of having little ones. We will gladly support our surrogate throughout the process and ensure that any costs related to the pregnancy are covered.

Over the course of this journey, we expect that our surrogate will become a close friend to whom we will be eternally grateful.

Chris & Christina

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