Chris & Bernice

Chris & Bernice

We will be forever grateful for your altruistic act of kindness!
American Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate


Chicago, Illinois, USA
Embryo Status:
5 PGT-A tested frozen embryos




Bernice is a physician and Chris is an engineer.




We met through online dating website in 2014 after we both relocated to Minnesota in 2011 for work. Both of us understand the essential ingredients (trust, loyalty and respect) required to build a long lasting romance and loving relationship. We had a magical wedding at Casa Loma, Toronto in 2017. Our relationship and love to each other have grown stronger year after year ever since.

Chris was brought up in a loving household by a grade school teacher mother and social worker father with two vibrant and active younger brothers in Iowa. Bernice was born in Hong Kong, a city where her Mauritius-born Chinese father met her mother. She later immigrates to Canada with her family during early teens and grew up with her much younger brother in the diversified city of Toronto.

We understand the importance of healthy parental relationships and a stable environment are among the building blocks required to nurture the psychological growth of children. These elements were not there until I met Chris and we love each other unconditionally.
Being in the medical profession, I understand the age limit of fertility hence went through 5 cycles of retrieval procedures to collect 20 viable eggs to freeze during my mid-30’s. However, majority of the frozen eggs degenerated during the thawing process and among the three fertilized embryos, only one was genetically normal after PGD testing. Unfortunately, my uterus rejected the implantation of the one and only viable embryo we ever had. I then went thru additional handful of failed egg retrieval procedures in my early 40s before further attempts were halted due to the COVID pandemic.

We put our family planning aside because of my high risk of infectious exposure from working at the Emergency Room during the pre-vaccination era. We had our Living Will written and prepared just in case the unfortunate event occurs to me, as well as Chris from indirect exposure. Others were my priority over my own, as it was my duty to caring for the sick during the crisis of pandemic. I am extremely fortunate that Chris has been understanding and was very supportive of the difficult decision at the time, with full knowledge that my fertility window would have been fully closed after the pandemic.

We resorted to egg donors after the pandemic but faced further obstacles. The first set of donor eggs resulted in zero viable embryos and the second set resulted in only one normal embryo. With the hope of bearing a set of twins or two children, we then went back to the waiting list for a different egg donor and successfully fertilized 4 normal PGT embryos. Due to my past failed embryo implantation, I was recommended to have D&C surgery to increase the success rate. Unfortunately, my uterine lining never thickened into the medically safe level for implantation despite multiple cycles of fertility treatments ever since…

We have two lovely Main Coons, Snowy and Gareth. They bring lots of joy to our daily life. It has been very fulfilling to nurture and take care of our fur babies. We love to expend our horizon and experience different culture by traveling to countries around the world when time allows.

We will be forever grateful for your altruistic act of kindness by willing to bear children for us. In gratitude, we will support you and your children, if any, both emotionally and financially during every step along the way of this journey. We will be there for you and your family!

We hope to build a friendship with you and your family during and after the process within your comfort and discretion. It will be shared to our future children that they were nurtured and protected in the womb of a wonderful and kind human being before they were ready to explore this world.

Chris & Bernice

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