Gord & Marie

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Trenton, Ontario
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: Have six frozen embryos, two are PGS genetically tested
Occupations: Gord is Electrician, Marie is an In patient Unit coordinator TMH

About Us

We have been together since we dated in high school, we grew up on the same street, in the same town we still live in.

We were with our employers for many years of service. Our family and friends support us in this next journey, and have welcomed our son with love. But we are hoping to give our son a sibling, to have each other in their future, another child for us to love and care for as we spend these years as a family together. The one set of parents we still have with us are very active seniors in our community, making the most of their days and they are enjoying this new baby very much, an addition to their family.

Gord was raised in a military family, living and travelling a lot as a child with his younger brother to play with and later his parents adopted his sister. He spent 51 years in Trenton, moving to find new jobs in Edmonton, Halifax and Toronto until moving back to Trenton. I was adopted at 3 months old to a loving mother and father becoming a sibling to my older brother who was previously adopted from a different family as an infant. We lived in Trenton on and off for 50 years on the same street as each other. We both had loving homes, with caring parents and siblings whom we were thankful for, to grow up with. We still have contact with our siblings as we grow older and for myself now that my parents are gone, it is very comforting to have a family connection, my brother.

Hello, we are Gord, Marie and Travis Rankin. We recently went through Surrogacy In Canada Online with the help of a very busy young Surrogate Couple who offered to help us have a child. This journey was beautiful, meeting such caring people, who were willing to carry, nurture and offer us this Generous gift of a child! There are no words to describe what this couple has done for us and what this baby means to us. We keep in constant contact with our surrogate couple and share the changes in Travis. We are a family again, we love being parents, we have lots of supportive family and friends and are enjoying every day with our son. We all have different reasons for choosing surrogacy and many of us have been through a loss, we are thankful for this journey.

We would like to find another Surrogate Mom, or couple who are willing to help us have another child, we can care for, grow with and love. This child will have a brother who is 8 months old now and it is our wish that our son have a sibling, someone to grow up with and have in the future, whom we can share our time with now, forming a larger family.

Gord and I have been together for many years and we were not very successful having children on our own, but we did have a son, he was our life, we did everything together, we were a family. Sadly we lost our son, our life, our family, to a lengthy hidden illness when he was 22, to which we donated two awards in perpetuity in his memory at U of T and Queens Universities. We managed to continue on, keeping our son in our hearts while we live through each day, with determination and love.

We are healthy, caring people, and we take care of ourselves. We are easy going and will make the surrogacy journey go smoothly. We enjoy parenting again, spending time with our new baby but we would like to have another child in our family, to love, nurture and bond with. We have frozen tested embryos ready for transfer. We have had our medical testing done and are ready to start.

Surrogate Mothers, Couples are Selfless, you create precious gifts, you give hope to parents in building their family with your help.

We like the outdoors, walking the beach, boating, camping, and we have travelled a lot over the years. We have a dog and are used to having one to spend time with. We support our local areas, businesses and events. We tour and spend time in our local areas, with agricultural fairs, and Prince Edward county offers many wineries and microbreweries and markets. No matter the weather we make sure to take in some fresh air and find places to go to. We have young adult nephews and nieces and their families, some friends are young adults, our first son Kevin's friends, who stay in touch and share time with us, and we have some older friends all supporting us. Both of us enjoy cooking, making preserves over the years, picking grapes, making wine and beer, and some gardening. We like golfing, fishing, walking, and spending time on the beach and in parks and we have done many theme parks over the years.

We will offer support and comfort our surrogate from the very start, helping with any problems she has, as she prepares for surrogacy. If she has any doubts about anything we are very open to discuss them. We will stay in touch, and be present during the process, as much as our surrogate is comfortable with. We would love to stay in contact post partum and know about our surrogates recovery, and share our journey, introducing our baby. We can share pictures and have video or in person chats and be as accommodating as we can. We will discuss and cover any costs and expenses that arise during the process, for medications, supplements, travel, lodging and special need requests. It is our responsibility to cover these expenses that are related to the pregnancy, and her health. We will make the process go smoothly. Having been through a wonderful recent surrogacy journey, we are familiar with the legal aspects, health and surrogacy contacts and concerns our surrogate had, that would benefit a new journey with similar concerns. We look forward to meeting our new surrogate and introducing ourselves and making a new surrogacy journey with her. Each journey is special and for us, this is as important as our first journey. We are thankful for our new son and we are wanting another child, who will be a sibling for our son and another child we will love, continuing our family tree. We truly appreciate what surrogate mothers and their families do, and without their help, we would not be able to build our family. We are available for any problems or questions and we will help our surrogate as best we can.

For us we would enjoy communicating with our surrogate, sharing stories, pictures and milestones for both the pregnancy and delivery and the life of our baby. It will be important for our child to know how they came to be, with the help of a willing and selfless surrogate mom who helped our family. The need for surrogate mothers for many couples. It will be our pleasure to stay connected to our surrogate, respecting her preference for the level of contact. Our family has been made up of different connections, with blended family backgrounds, made with love and support, friendships and relatives and not necessarily biological connections. Our surrogate would be adding both to our family, a biological sibling and a very important part in our family's existence. We look forward to meeting our surrogate mom, and her family, forming new relationships.

Gord & Marie