Cost of Surrogacy


With every surrogacy arrangement, good communication is crucial. Both intended parents and the surrogate mother should agree on the following before proceeding together…
  • For Surrogates.. what type of Intended Parent(s) would you like to carry for? (Single, heterosexual, same sex, local/international intended parent(s), those who do or do not already have a child etc.)
  • For Intended Parents... what type of Surrogate mother are you looking for? (Traditional, gestational, age, location, marital status, etc.)
  • Time frame for beginning/completing surrogacy.
  • Number of transfers/time commitment (most surrogacy arrangements include 3 embryo transfer attempts).
  • Number of embryos to be transferred (this can range from 1-3).
  • Disclosure (when to share with friends/family).
  • Sharing your journey (online blogs, websites, facebook, media etc.)
  • Religious/Spiritual/Moral Beliefs
  • Vaccines (vaccines during pregnancy such as flu shots).
  • Medications (medication for nausea relief).
  • Diet (such as food requests/restrictions).
  • Activity (such as fitness/jogging, horse back riding...)
  • Expenses & Reimbursement (Expenses & Reimbursement Page)
  • Selective Fetal Reduction (in the event of high order multiples such as twins/triplets+).
  • Prenatal Testing (chromosomal abnormalities/neural tube defects etc.)
  • Termination (or continuation of pregnancy if there is an abnormality).
  • Disability/Illness/Birth Injury (for intended parents to be prepared to care for disabled/sick/injured child).
  • Failed Transfers, Miscarriages & Pregnancy Loss (IVF pregnancies can end in loss... is this something you understand and feel you can handle emotionally?)
  • Prematurity (for intended parents are you prepared to stay in the NICU to care for your premature infant?)
  • Life Insurance Policy & Will (recommended for surrogate mothers to be put in place before pregnancy).
  • Contact (Desired amount of contact during the pregnancy and after the birth).
  • Obstetrical Care (during pregnancy with midwife/obstetrician/doula)
  • Bedrest (IVF pregnancies are high risk - is their support in place for the surrogate & her family during this time?)
  • Hospital Birth/Home Birth/Birth Plan
  • Breastmilk (Induced Lacation, Donor Milk or Surrogate Provided Breastmilk via Pumping)
  • Sibling Journey