Our Media Appearances

Our Media Appearances

04/09/22 Radio-Canada La guerre en Ukraine fait bondir la demande pour des mères porteuses canadiennes / War in Ukraine boosts demand for Canadian surrogates (Read Article)
01/22/20 The Chronicle Herald Making a family: Cole Harbour surrogate offers hope to American couple (Read Article)
11/20/19 Estevan Mercury Publications Surrogacy allows local woman to give birth to a baby girl for former Estevan residents (Read Article)
08/29/19 Telegraph-Journal Surrogacy an 'amazing roller coaster' (Read Article)
06/27/19 The Beacon Herald Milverton woman celebrates first successful surrogacy thanks to online service Galen Simmons (Read Article)
05/10/19 The Kit A Complete Guide to IVF, Surrogacy & Adoption in Canada Alexandra Donaldson (Read Article)
05/03/19 CBC Radio Single gay man seeks surrogate to fulfill dreams of fatherhood Bridget Forbes (Read Article)
06/04/18 Radio-Canada Mères porteuses : le projet de loi Housefather trouve des appuis au N.-B. François Vigneault (Read Article)
05/30/18 BBC News Canada Politician Seeks to Decriminalize Payment for Surrogacy Jessica Murphy (Read Article)
05/17/18 Blyth Citizen Local Surrogacy Website Boasts Over 100 Babies Per Year Shawn Loughlin (Read Article)
05/08/17 Pickle Planet Moncton Mother's Day as a Surrogate Mom (Read Article)
10/09/16 The Toronto Star Attempts to Clarify Surrogacy Rules could Hurt Altruistic Surrogates in Canada Robert Cribb & Emma Jarratt (Read Article)
09/18/16 The Toronto Star Canada's Vague Surrogacy Laws may be doing more Harm than Good Robert Cribb & Emma Jarratt (Read Article)
08/28/16 The Toronto Star Made in Canada: A Surrogate's Supporting Cast Robert Cribb & Emma Jarratt (Read Article)
08/01/16 The Toronto Star Made in Canada: The Sisterhood of Surrogates Robert Cribb & Emma Jarratt (Read Article)
07/17/16 The Toronto Star Canadian Surrogates and their Extraordinary Altruism Robert Cribb & Emma Jarratt (Read Article)
05/12/16 Today's Parent What you need to know about gestational surrogacy Emily Rivas (Read Article)
03/14/16 The Chronicle Herald Exploring Surrogacy in Atlantic Canada Heather Laura Clarke (Read Article)
2016 CBC Documentary Channel Having Our Baby: The Surrogacy Boom (Watch Video)
04/29/14 Today's Parent Family Ties: Making a Surrogate Mother Part of the Family Tracy Chappell (Read Article)
02/01/14 Toronto Life The Baby-Making Business Alison Motluk (Read Article)


Slice Network

"Til Debt Do Us Part" with Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Tracy & Dan - Season 9 Episode #18


The Huron Expositor

"Kinburn-area woman runs website promoting surrogacy"

Susan Hundertmark (Read Article)


The National Post

"Keeping Surrogate Motherhood in the Family"

Sarah Boesveld


THIS Magazine

"Why Sally Rhoads Risked her Life 10 Times as a Surrogate"

Paul McLaughlin (Read Article)


The National Post

"Couple Urged Surrogate to Abort Fetus Due to Defect"

Tom Blackwell

01/01/08 Maxi "Hand Aufs Herz"
Sechsmal vermietete Sally Rhoads ihren Bauch - als Leihmutter.
Tina Kopperschmidt, Page 27 (German)
07/18/07 Sueddeudeutsche.de "Rent a Mum"

Bernadette Calonego

05/21/07 MACLEANS "Gay Man Seeks Perfect Woman" Jessica Werb, Lifestyle (Read Article)
04/11/07 Chatelaine "In Vitro We Trust" Andrea Curtis, Page 75 (Read Article)
11/04/01 TVOntario "More to Life"

Featuring Surrogate Moms,
Joanne Wright & Sally Rhoads

08/18/01 The Globe & Mail "My Search for an Egg & a Womb" Margaret Wente, Section A11
08/16/01 The Globe & Mail "Who Owns These Twins?" Margaret Wente, Section A11
07/10/01 Women's Television Network "Open for Discussion"

Featuring Teri Rypkema, Sally Rhoads
& Dr. Jeremy Kredentser

03/30/01 Women's Television Network "Current Affairs" Interview with Collen Walsh
03/24/01 The Globe & Mail "I Never Wanted to Keep Them" Rebecca Caldwell, Section R21
03/23/01 Capital News Online "The Morality of Renting Wombs" Julie Grenier (Read Article)
02/16/01 The Toronto Star "Netting a Newborn" Hamida Ghafour, Section F
12/20/00 Stratford Beacon Herald "A Christmas Miracle to be Remembered" Laura Czekaj, Frontpage
08/31/00 Stratford Beacon Herald "A Gift of Children" Michelle Greene, Page 3