Surrogacy in Canada Online

About SCO

We Build Families

Surrogacy in Canada Online has been assisting intended parents and surrogate mothers with information, referral & support since 2001.

We Care

At Surrogacy in Canada Online we are honoured to have a role in assisting you with your surrogacy journey. When our members are happy, we're happy!

We Have the Right Team

With our experienced and dedicated team, we have the right people in place to assist you during your journey.

Our Members Come First

We strongly believe that your journey should be rewarding and stress free. Our goal is to guide and support you throughout this process.

SCO Membership Services

Canadian Surrogacy Information
Helping you to understand how surrogacy works in Canada (the process, legislation, costs, how to get started…)

Online/telephone access to an experienced consultant throughout your journey. (Initial consults are free).

Our Profile System
Our program is highly successful as an introductory service for intended parents and surrogate mothers.

Email & Telephone
We provide email and telephone support as needed to all of our intended parents and surrogate mothers throughout their journeys.

Counselling & Mediation
Confidential counselling/mediation services are available upon request.

Online Support Groups
We have private online support groups available to our members for access to professional and peer support.

Attend Appointments
Upon request we can attend appointments and/or even delivery if additional support is needed (some limitations with distance).

Media & Legislative Reports
We share up-to-date media/legislative reports on surrogacy in Canada to help keep you informed.

Professional Referrals
We can assist you with referrals to surrogacy professionals (clinics, physicians, lawyers, counsellors & insurance agents).

Sample Contracts
We can provide you with sample surrogacy contracts (for informational purposes only).

DNA Testing
We can assist you with DNA testing protocols and referrals to DNA testing companies.