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Intended Parents interested in Surrogacy Services

For Intended Parents Applying to Surrogacy in Canada Online:

- You are currently a patient and/or recently referred to an IVF clinic and/or have received medical advice that surrogacy is warranted.


- Pursuing surrogacy/egg donation due to age, sexual orientation or marital status.


- You are willing to undergo a criminal background check.
- You (preferably) have a good support system (partner/family/friends).
- You have a good understanding and are prepared for the financial costs involved with the third party reproduction process.

Surrogacy in Canada Online Fees

Please note that our consultations are free (either in person or by phone).  To arrange a consult, feel free to submit an Intended Parent Application or complete the Contact us form

To view our members section we must receive your application (and supporting government issued ID to confirm your identity).  Once we receive your application we will send you a temporary username/password to view our members section as well as additional information on our program and  fees.

* Canadian Residents must add HST (13%).






(Our application does not require payment. We will send you additional information on how to become a member after we receive your application.  Please send at least one copy of government issued ID to confirm your identity (such as a health card).


Getting Started:

  1. Contact Surrogacy in Canada Online either by phone, email or mail to set up an initial consultation.

  2. After the initial consultation if you would like to proceed with Surrogacy in Canada Online Services, you can fill out our Intended Parent Application online. (As part of the application please include 1-10 photos of yourself and/or family as well as government issued photo ID).

  3. Once submitted we will contact you by email regarding your payment of the Surrogacy in Canada Online fee (We accept Bank Transfers, Interac email transfers, certified cheques/money orders and personal cheques. Please make cheques or money orders payable to "Surrogacy in Canada Online".)

  4. Once we receive your application and fee you will recieve our Surrogacy in Canada Online Handbook on how to proceed with your future surrogacy arrangement. You will be able to view profiles at no cost and you may contact Surrogacy in Canada Online anytime with any of your questions and/or concerns. Our services to you will include...

    • Canadian Surrogacy Information
      Helping you to understand how surrogacy works in Canada (the process, the legislation, costs, how to get started...)

    • Email Support
      Support via email for both the surrogate mother/egg donor and intended parents.

    • Telephone Support
      Support via telephone for both the surrogate mother/egg donor and intended parents.

    • Counselling
      Confidential counselling services available which includes initial screening of prospective surrogate mother/egg donor.

    • Attend Appointments/Delivery
      Upon request we can attend appointments and/or even delivery if additional support is needed.

    • Life Insurance Policies
      We can assist in setting up life insurance policies for your surrogate mother/egg donor.

    • Sample Contracts
      We can provide you with sample surrogacy/egg donor contacts (for informational purposes only).

    • Canadian Surrogate Birth Registry
      We maintain a user submitted Canadian Surrogate Birth Registry so that you can contact others who have experienced surrogacy.

    • Media Reports
      We maintain up to date media reports on Third Party Reproduction in Canada to help keep you informed.

    • Legislative Reports
      We maintain up to date legislative reports on Third Party Reproduction in Canada to help keep you informed.

    • Professional Surrogacy Listings
      We can provide you with listings of professionals specializing in Third Party Reproduction (clinics, physicians, lawyers & psychologists).

    • Referrals to Surrogacy Professionals
      We can help you choose a recommended professional and coordinate all appointments.

    • D.N.A Testing
      Assist you with D.N.A testing protocols.

    • Referral to recommended American Surrogacy Agencies
      If desired, we can refer you to recommended American Surrogacy Agencies or other Surrogacy Professionals internationally. Please note that commercial surrogacy agencies are unregulated in the US so it is important to receive guidance before proceeding.

    • Online Forums
      Online support group available to members of Surrogacy in Canada Online (we offer both public and private/member only forums).

    • Our Commitment
      Our services are valid until three months post partum or for a period of up to 2 years.

    • Free Matching Services
      - Supplying you with resources on how to locate a surrogate mother on your own and safely.

      - Providing Profiles of Preliminarily Screened Surrogate Mothers/Egg Donors (additional psychological/medical screening is the responsibility of Intended Parents).

      - Online Surrogate Profiles

* We do not issue refunds.

* Please note that Surrogacy in Canada Online cannot guarantee a match with a surrogate/egg donor or the birth of a child from a surrogacy arrangement as a result of our services.

* We would be happy to put you in touch with previous clients of our program.