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The articles listed on this page are for those interested and/or researching surrogacy. If you have an article you would like to submit or feel there is a topic that should be included, feel free to contact us! (More articles to be added soon...)


With every surrogacy arrangement, good communication is crucial. Both intended parents and the surrogate mother should agree on the following before proceeding together…

Intended Parents Checklist

An important checklist for Intended Parents to help safeguard your surrogacy experience.

Risks to Surrogate Mothers

A detailed list of side effects, complications and risks to surrogate mothers.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

For those considering being a surrogate mother... do you meet the requirements and is it right for you?

Family Building Via Surrogacy

Conditions that warrant the use of surrogacy.

Mark & Kerrie's Experience with Surrogacy in India

After years of losses and struggling emotionally to have a baby we found surrogacy in India. We had some struggles in India as well....