Winston & Sumita

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Toronto, Ontario

Our Story

I, Winston Costa Pereira and my wife Sumita Costa Pereira are happily married for the last 10 years. Ours was love at first sight. We were staying in different provinces in India and got a chance to meet each other just before Christmas in 2007. Sumita’s sister put Sumitas profile on a matrimonial site and I was curious to know more and that is when it all clicked. It took us 6 months for us to finally meet and that too at a Train station. I met Sumitas mom (her father passed away by then) and her sister for the first time. We finally got married a year after that on December 28, 2008. Things were scary at that time as our wedding could get cancelled due to the terrorist attack that happened just a month before our wedding. Some of our guests cancelled their travel to Mumbai. Our long-distance relationship was mostly sweet relationship as we would spend hours on the phone almost daily. My parents are conservative, but we used every opportunity we had to be with each other. We shared our desires, aspirations and above all discussed our future together.

I am the only son of the family. I have no other close relatives. We are a very small family that consists of my parents and my wife. We do not have any children. Sumita has a brother and a sister, both of whom are younger than Sumita. Sumita has cousins, close and far relatives as well.

We have struggled with fertility issues for the past 10 years. We have visited several clinics and had an IVF done. All our efforts to get a child failed and we were very much broken to the point that we went into depression. We do not have any children who would be a bundle of joy in our lives and everything else seems inconsequential. We have an egg donor ready. We are registered with Repromed Clinic in Toronto. As per the Ontario program the egg donor and the surrogate needs to be known. The egg donor will donate her eggs during the first cycle after the surrogate is chosen, so the cycling of the surrogate and the donation of the eggs will be a simultaneous process. I have already stored my sperm sample at Repromed, so the surrogate will be implanted with the embryo in less than a month from the time we sign the surrogacy contract. Starting a family is the most important gift a surrogate can give us. We will be eternally grateful to her for such a wonderful gesture that she will provide to us.

I am working as a Regulatory Specialists and am involved in submission of applications to Health Canada, US FDA, etc. We deal with OTC drugs, Cosmetics, etc. Sumita works in a daycare and is with children. Sumita is especially good with children and has been working with the tiny tots for close to 18 years. It is not just the work with children that Sumita is interested in. It is the passion working with the little ones. She loves to talk to children, play with them and they love her company. We have no pets as we live in an apartment in Toronto and having pets can be a challenge but as a young boy, I had, cats, dogs, roosters, pigs. It was a bit of a farmhouse and the pig and dogs would get wine and cake for Christmas. I had hobbies in the past such as stamp and coin collection, reading detective novels, going cycling with a few close friends but today we are so caught up with work that we hardly get the chance and time for hobbies. Sumita’s hobby is painting and she paints very well. We like to have fun time together such as go to a restaurant, watch movies and be romantic as possible.

We have the highest respect for the surrogate and there are no words left to express our gratitude. However, gratitude alone will be insufficient at times. We have kept a special fund that will be used to support the surrogate. We will ensure that all expenses toward the surrogacy are taken care by us. We will support the surrogate n her journey of bringing our child to the world. All trips to and from the clinic, other expenses related to pregnancy such as legal fees, etc will be covered. We will also cover expenses after delivery as well. All this is written in the contract document.

We will have a lifetime relationship with the surrogate. The child will always have access to the surrogate (depending on the surrogates wish). She will be like my sister to me. The surrogate can always count on us, whenever she needs, and we will always be there for her. We will always visit the surrogate in her house and at the same time invite he too to our house. We will build the foundation of our relationship on love, trust and above all mutual respect for one another.

Winston & Sumita