Warren & Kristopher

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Clinic: Create
Embryo Status: 4 Frozen PGS Embryos
Occupations: Food Broker (Warren) Stay-at-home parent (Kristopher)

About Us

Kristopher and I met in 2014 through a dating app and chatted for a few days before we decided to go on a date. We quickly bonded over our love for travel and wine. We were both completely smitten with each other from the beginning and moved in together within a year. We became engaged a year later and married in 2017. We had long talked about having a family of our own before we were married. It was always something we envisioned for ourselves as a couple. Being a gay couple we knew our only options were through surrogacy or adoption and we were fortunate enough to have the choice.

Kristopher was born in 1981 in a small french town in northern Ontario. He's the youngest of four children with two older sisters and an older brother. As a child he loved reading, playing video games and tabletop role playing games, all of which he still loves doing today. His parents divorced when he was young and growing up in a single parent household was at times lonely. The importance of nurturing a loving family is something he feels passionately about and one of the reasons he is a stay-at-home dad.

I was born in 1990 in Brampton, Ontario. I have 1 younger brother and growing up we did everything together. Our parents were always great at making sure they showed up for all the soccer games, swimming lessons and skiing lessons we took over the years. My parents really showed me the most important thing about family is just being there for them.

We were lucky to have Kristopher's sister as our surrogate for our daughter who was born in May of 2019. It was such a wonderful experience to share with her and to be part of the pregnancy every step of the way. We were in constant contact on the progress, went to every doctor's appointment and I was present in the delivery room to witness the birth. Unfortunately Kristopher's sister was unable to carry for a second time so we needed help from a surrogacy agency in our journey to bring our daughter a sibling.

We wanted to have our children close in age, but during our initial search in early 2020 the pandemic brought our search to an end. With all the unknowns of covid-19 we weren't sure if surrogates would want to travel and we figured it would be safer to wait. We have 4 PGS tested frozen embryos at Create. Our daughter is genetically mine, so we want to use one of Kristopher's embryos.

I've worked in sales at a food brokerage firm for 13 years. Before becoming a stay-at-home parent Kristopher was a pastry chef and baker in Toronto.

Our weekends are typically filled with activities with our daughter. She enjoyed blueberry picking and apple picking this past year. We've visited a number of zoos and are excited to return to swimming lessons. We like to look for fun new things to do as a family.

We are both homebodies and like to spend the evenings after a long day either watching tv shows, playing video games or reading. We are also lovers of great food so when we are not eating out at our favourite restaurants we are at home cooking up delicious meals.

Our main passion is traveling and enjoy taking multiple trips each year, sometimes even more than my allotted vacation time. We usually end up in Europe each year and even took our daughter on her first vacation to the Mediterranean this year. We want to show our children the world and hope they share our passion for travel.

We have an adopted dog, Callie, who is 11 years old and plays the old lady part very well. She is very good with our daughter and chases her around trying to get treats and toys from her. Although it took 3 years for the both of them to start liking and paying attention to each other.

We understand that surrogates are truly altruistic people, however we want to ensure throughout the entire process you are financially supported and comfortable by ensuring your costs are covered. We also understand this process isn't easy emotionally and we want to make sure you know we're always here to help. Whether it's family visits or video calls, we really do want to make sure you feel supported.

During the entire process we would love to have a supportive and open relationship with our surrogate and be a part of the entire journey if possible. We hope to be present at doctor's appointments and checkups to support our surrogate and obviously the birth of our child. If our surrogate lives out of town we understand this won't always be possible, but would love to visit whenever we could and be updated by phone or video call. After the birth we would love to continue our relationship as it would be nice for our future child to know their birth story, but we will respect any wishes you may have.

Warren & Kristopher